Better Communication for Faster Response and Improved Patient Care

Using HipLink software empowers healthcare organizations with a reliable, server-based, wireless communication platform that instantly delivers messages to EMS personnel, trauma teams, on-call nurses, physician groups, IT personnel and more.


Typical Uses

  • Hospital paging including physicians and trauma teams
  • Real-time critical results to physicians
  • Doctor-to-Doctor mobile encrypted HIPAA compliant text messages
  • HIPAA compliant Chat applications
  • Patient care group coordination
  • Therapists, lab technicians, service personnel
  • Bed rotation and patient placement notifications
  • Off & On-duty Activation
  • Volunteer coordination
  • External agency notification
  • IT Notifications – system and network
  • Facilities system alerts
  • Support for BYOD policies

Preferred by healthcare organizations for over fifteen years, HipLink is an industry-leading messaging solution that effectively mobilizes staff. The desktop paging software supports sending to multiple devices, on any carrier, using all communication protocols. The text messaging system can support the BYOD initiatives many organizations are putting in place with complete control.

Alerts from other software systems can be integrated with HipLink to leverage notification.  HipLink seamlessly integrates into existing nurse-on-call systems, critical result paging, PBX communications, building management, and IT management systems for automated notification.

Its highly intuitive menu-driven system it is easy to learn and use with tools that streamline the notification process by automatically identifying who is on-duty, which physician or technician is on-call.  Should primary responders be unavailable, HipLink can identify who is next in the escalation process. Resource deployment becomes a key component of all emergency and trauma response situations with HipLink Software.