Integrated Application Paging - Secure Text Messaging


Mobile Two-Way applications help businesses address critical events faster than ever before, facilitating the wireless convergence of technology, people, and business processes like never before.

HipLink's two-way wireless features help reduce the Mean Time to Recognize, Respond to, and Resolve any critical event or situation, bringing powerful enterprise communications and remote data access to any organization.

From any two-way enabled device: track inventory, query a database, send IT outage notifications, look-up customer information, respond to an emergency, reboot servers, or restart services. HipLink integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure to provide remote access to corporate backend systems or applications.

Whether you work on the road, at home, or are just away from your desk, HipLink can keep you in command of your business.

Verticals that Benefit from HipLink Two-Way:
  Public Safety

  Law Enforcement


Benefits for Any Enterprise

· Automatic Real-Time Alert Notification
· Immediate Communication with Employees
· Choice of Device: Pager, Cell Phone, Desktop, etc.
· Security and Full Control Over Level of Access
· Execute a Secure Wireless Strategy

· IT Outage Notification and Alerts


Other Integrations - Supporting Multiple API's & Gateways for Alert and Mass Notification

Due to its flexible and adaptive architecture, HipLink can be integrated with a wide range of enterprise applications. Supporting multiple APIs and Gateways, we’ve integrated with hundreds of applications. The most common integrations are through REST, CLI (Command Line Interface), and COM object but we also support a JAVA interface, XML via SOAP, our own HTTP API and other gateways such as WCTP< SMPP, SNPP input, SMTP input, TAP input, a File System Interface for mainframes and SNMP traps. We have easy to use manual integration notes for a variety of popular applications like SCOM, MOM, Tivoli and Heat to mention a few. 
In addition to the interoperability with leading vendors such as ServiceNow, BMC, HP, NetIQ, among others, HipLink has established integration partnerships with leading telecommunication carriers and computer aided dispatch (CAD) providers for out-of-the-box integrations. 

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BMC Remedy - Wireless Emergency Alerts Management System

A Turnkey Solution to Wirelessly Extend Your Remedy™ Desktop Environment


RemLink from HipLink is a module that gives a wireless extension to BMC’s Remedy Help Desk environment. It’s easy to install with automatic integration for alerting and notification with full remote access. RemLink brings the power, speed and security of wireless notifications and event resolution to the enterprise.

RemLink supports one-way and two-way SMS text and voice communications with any wireless device or phone. When an event is initiated by Remedy, RemLink quickly notifies the appropriate people. Providing connections to virtually any wireless carrier, RemLink uses the latest 2-way wireless communication protocols to quickly and easily support your existing infrastructure.

Using the Blackberry client application your IT personnel can remotely access Remedy case information, as well as create, update, and close trouble tickets. They can be notified of escalations and new high- priority trouble tickets through pushed email alerts. RemLink is available on the Blackberry platforms, with a standard interface that is fully customizable. The wireless client’s features mirror the desktop environment, ensuring the same high levels of data security.

With RemLink, your employees can pull relevant information on one specific case or ticket from the user’s group queue. A drop-down menu provides access to additional supporting information for the specific case. They can also view detailed information regarding the individual who reported the problem and work history of a specific case. Existing tickets can be edited wirelessly and receive a confirmation when the ticket has been updated successfully. A new trouble ticket can even be opened remotely and submitted to the Remedy Server.


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Siemens Fire & Building System - Wireless Fire Alerts

Wireless alerting from your Siemens Fire Safety System

Early detection and prevention of fire is an integral part of the protection and management of any modern structure. Saving lives and property from losses due to fires is a compelling reason for any business to explore advanced technology that enables early warnings or faster response.
HipLink is a powerful wireless text messaging software solution designed for mission-critical communication, providing highly reliable wireless fire alerts to any text or voice enabled device directly from your internal fire system or building software. This can give your on-site personnel advance warnings of any pending issues and provides an additional precious window of time to investigate and sometimes even avert a combustible situation before it has had an opportunity to escalate into a full-fledged fire.
Early detection and prevention of fire warnings can result in reduction of loss from both fire and water damage and is an integral part of the protection of any modern structure. Saving lives and property from losses due to fires is a compelling reason for any business to explore advanced technology that enables early warnings for faster response.
HipLink’s communications software provides a field-tested Fire Alert System that extends the functionality of the Siemens Fire Control system to automatically deliver wireless alarms and alerts to any cell phone, pager, desktop pop-up, or voice line within an organization. Targeted notifications, based on early detection that are delivered to appropriate on-premise individuals can help prevent large-scale fires from happening.
Designed for multi-purpose use, one HipLink base configuration can be used to integrate with security, building management, and IT monitoring systems for automated notification and offers the interface for emergency and disaster response notification.
By combining the speed, reach, and reliability of HipLink with fire safety systems like Siemens’ fire safety products, building maintenance and management teams have additional forms of notification on alarm information on any wireless device from anywhere, as well as the fire safety panel. Out-of-the-box integration and experience integrating with Siemens Fire Control ensures a smooth rollout.
In partnership with Siemens Building Technologies, the HipLink Fire Safety Integration module works with the both XLS and MXL Fire Control Systems. The System Command Centers can detect and signal the presence of fire, smoke, heat, off-normal sprinkler conditions and security violations.


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