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 Enabling Critical Notification And Response For Field Service With Unmatched Speed and Flexibility

 SAN JOSE, California, July 25, 2001 - Semotus Solutions (AMEX: DLK, formerly, a market leading wireless application service provider (w-ASP) and infrastructure architect, today announced the launch of HipLinkXS, a powerful, state-of-the-art enterprise messaging software solution that enables delivery of critical message delivery to and from the field with the customer’s choice of carriers and devices. Wireless messaging is utilized in daily business practices and supports the increasing number of remote field employees while improving company profitability and productivity.

HipLinkXS is designed to fully integrate with any enterprise application and provides the link between applications, clients, customers, partners and employees. This innovative software solution enables employees and customers to remain connected and capable of receiving mission-critical business notifications, while improving employee accuracy and reliability. Users can send messages and request a response back from the receiver, with the ability to trigger server processes based on the response from the two-way device. HipLinkXS supports virtually any wireless device for secure, reliable, two-way communications via a single integration point, providing turnkey access to wireless carriers around the world.

Revenue projections, based on industry demand and market share are estimated to reach $1.75 million in HipLinkXS sales within the first 12 months of launch. “In fact, several major customers using the HipLinkXS trial version have already been secured, and significant revenues from our installed base, direct sales, and partner programs are anticipated,” said Kim Wold, President of Cross Communications. “With the expected boom in wireless messaging estimated to be in the 25-50% growth range over the next 5 years, HipLinkXS is poised for increased market penetration and tremendous revenue potential.”

There are three packages available in HipLinkXS. Application Messaging, a messaging "engine", that can be fully integrated with any enterprise application; Desktop Messaging, a stand-alone messaging system, is used as a simple “point and click” feature, to send messages to anyone by typing a message and pressing send; and HipLinkXS network service, a hosted service using the Semotus Gateway, is a direct, high-speed link to all wireless data networks in North America.

HipLinkXS provides a significant value proposition for corporations, such as reducing costs, increasing mobile workforce efficiency and productivity, secure data management, and success factors such as reliability, email integration, and service support.

HipLinkXS integrates with applications such as Remedy/Peregrine and acts as the messaging system to serve the main support and assistance center for customer, employee and partner issues. Mobile employees have 24x7 access to their email and are alerted to potential opportunities, providing the framework for a significant competitive advantage. Software packages, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, can be easily integrated with HipLinkXS’ email assistant, forwarding email from the corporate server to wireless devices. Field service, dispatch, and other mobile field service administrators can efficiently manage wireless messaging to a company’s field service representatives.

“Semotus is very proud to be launching HipLinkXS, a premier product in wireless messaging. Today’s corporations are depending on reliable and secure wireless messaging solutions for real-time monitoring and alert notification of critical, enterprise situations. Implementation of wireless notification solutions can save millions of dollars in preventative measures, and resolves issues prior to loss in productivity,” said Anthony N. LaPine, Chairman and CEO of Semotus. “Our proven ability to seamlessly integrate wireless solutions and meet the increasing business demands will provide significant revenue for our organization, and give us the platform to continue our exponential growth and power the forthcoming wireless revolution.”

The first generation HipLinks current customer base includes eBay, Quest and Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information on HipLinkXS, please visit or contact our Sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by calling 1-800-964-9588.

About Semotus Solutions - The Wireless ArchitectsTM

Semotus Solutions, formerly, is a market-leading wireless infrastructure provider delivering end-to-end wireless solutions to its enterprise customers. Semotus Solutions’ patented technology and real-time delivery systems enable enterprise customers and employees to utilize any wireless device to receive and respond to critical data 24x7x365.

Semotus Solutions is leveraging its core XpressLink technology across high demand, vertical markets, including finance, medical and the mobile workforce, to allow for the use of any wireless device and any digital communication language to push and pull data on demand. This technology produced the wireless market’s first truly integrated enterprise product, Global Market Pro, which is Semotus Solutions’ advanced, fully customizable wireless application for the financial professional. Global Market Pro was co-developed with JP Morgan-Chase Manhattan Bank and is employed by individuals and institutions throughout the financial community.

The Company serves a portfolio of marquee customers, including AOL, AT&T, Bank of America, Dow Jones, Citibank, EDS, Fidelity Investments, JPMorganChase, Lucent Technologies, Motorola and Qualcomm.

Semotus Solutions is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with research facilities located in Vancouver, Canada, and offices in Chicago, Colorado, New Jersey and Florida. For more information:

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