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Hiplink’s sponsorship of its Top Alcohol Dragster was highlighted in the June 15th edition of the National Dragster magazine with a four page feature article. After an impressive first start to the 2012 year of NHRA competition, our driver Garrett Bateman and the Hiplink Motorsports team have been spotlighted by this prestigious NHRA publication. Although fielding an entirely new team led by a seasoned crew including Rick Henkelman and Dana Hopewell, the racing team has already experienced success after qualifying efforts that yielded third, fifth and sixth place spots and enjoyed a semi finals appearance at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“Going to the semi finals was an exciting deal,” said Bateman. “Our team has come together quickly, and the car gets better each round we go.  We had a great weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and I can almost taste our first National Event win." 

Hiplink Software’s benefits in a number of ways from the visibility it receives from its Top Alcohol Dragster sponsorship. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of fans who attend the races around the country, the races are televised on ESPN to millions of viewers worldwide.  We are proud to have been recognized by the National Dragster Magazine and featured to their extensive readership.  Brand recognition in today’s competitive world is essential to success.  Our tag line “Racing to Connect the World” conveys the heart of our vision and the spirit behind our racing sponsorship.

Hiplink Software is no stranger to performance. With Software that specializes in high speed communications to employees, public safety and third party systems Hiplink has founded a high tech company built around speed. "Performance is something we really identify with" said Hiplink President Pamela Lapine. "These cars accelerate faster than any land based vehicle on the planet, leaving the fans largely speechless. We like to think of our communications software in that same context. We look forward to competing in Chicago later this month, with a keen eye on the winners circle."


About HipLink Software

HipLink Software, a premier provider of wireless text and voice communication solutions was founded in 1993 with corporate headquarters in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. As a stable, profitable, woman-owned business with a long history of innovations in the industry, HipLink Software has demonstrated intense commitment to its products and its customers. The company has grown to serve customers worldwide across all industries to meet the needs for IT service alerting, alarm management, emergency response, mass notification and business continuity. Customers include Wells Fargo, Unisys, Kaiser Permanente, Honeywell, St. John Medical Center, Massachusetts DOT, O'Hare International Airport, Thomson Reuters, Verizon, Cablevision, Government of Alberta Canada, Westchester County, Toronto Police Department, and Lockheed Martin to name a few. For additional information on HipLink, please visit