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Real-Time, Fully Encrypted Over Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks with Full Remote Management

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LOS GATOS, California --- HipLink Software announces the launch of its two latest Advanced Messaging Mobile Applications for iPhone and Android using HipLink’s new, proprietary protocol, HNP (HipLink Notification Protocol). HNP expands HipLink Mobile’s capability to meet the most demanding requirements by expanding the current mobile functionality for Enterprise clients for communication and compliance to industry regulations. Operating on both Wi-Fi and cellular data networks, these applications switch seamlessly, depending on the network coverage. The proprietary protocol offers extremely sophisticated security with 256 bit encryption, full two-way messaging and real-time text message delivery to Android and iOS (Apple) devices, including both phones and tablets.

The sender has full control of delivery to get the right information to the right person when it is intended. Options include severity settings for different degrees of urgency with corresponding tones, the ability to override device settings for high-priority messages, and Persistent Emergency Alerts that remain active until the owner reads the message. The recipient has the option to listen to the message and record responses, allowing for safer and immediate action if driving or needs to be hands-free. 

Using HipLink Mobile, a User can send fully encrypted messages from the phone with features for favorites, real-time query of recipients, and message confirmation. Results of any message can also be queried. The application also supports the exclusive HipLink Custom Remote Actions which allow an organization to quickly create remote actions for any application to respond to or resolve any issue from the device client.

In addition, HipLink introduces an Advanced Remote Device Management control panel which empowers HipLink Users to remotely manage devices, the applications and information. The User can send several types of control messages to disable or remove the application, clean user data, push configuration settings and manage permissions.

In a many environments, including hospitals and large utilities, cellular communications can be disrupted or unavailable in certain areas, but with the HNP, a secure connection to Wi-Fi communication is seamless, delivering the message and attachments to a phone or tablet. The sender receives confirmation when the message is received, and again when it is read, along with the response.

 “We are delighted to offer new enhancements that help our clients perform their jobs flawlessly, and potentially, may help to save lives and to increase safety to the emergency staff that uses our product,” said Pamela LaPine, CEO. “The applications and possibilities for using HipLink satisfy needs for HIPAA compliance for healthcare, heightened security for government agencies and enterprise at large.”

As mobile applications play a larger role in many organizations, a unified framework for communication is essential. It is increasingly important that messages get delivered securely, quickly and with certainty. HipLink's Communication Platform and Advanced Messaging Applications like HipLink Mobile leverage advanced technology for fast and highly-reliable delivery, two-way confirmation and advanced features for all messages.

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HipLink Software, a premier provider of wireless text and voice communication solutions, was founded in 1993 with corporate headquarters in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. As a stable, profitable, woman-owned business with a long history of innovations in the industry, HipLink Software has demonstrated intense commitment to its products and its customers. The company has grown to serve customers worldwide across all industries to meet the needs for IT service alerting, alarm management, emergency response, mass notification and business continuity. 

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