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LOS GATOS, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/HOLD --- HipLink® Software announces the latest release of HipLink Mobile, now available on the BlackBerry® 10 platform.  HipLink Mobile is managed on BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10), ensuring a highly secure, easy-to-manage platform that improves enterprise communication. The Blackberry application has advanced features that include encrypted text messaging, persistent alerting, one-click responses, and the ability to override phone alert settings for emergency messages.


As a native BlackBerry app, HipLink Mobile seamlessly integrates into the BlackBerry® Hub and leverages BES10 encryption standards for data transfer between client and server. This results in faster response options and increased efficiency.


“It has been exhilarating to work with our customers to develop and launch HipLink Mobile on the BlackBerry 10 platform.” said Pamela LaPine, CEO of HipLink Software.  “BlackBerry 10 has so many exciting enterprise-grade features available to developers and its support for our engineers has been excellent.  We look forward to extending our solution to BlackBerry customers.”


HipLink’s Mobile application is noted for its capacity to deliver highly secure, encrypted messaging, notification and alerting solutions through desktops and smartphones. HipLink Mobile for BlackBerry was developed specifically for high-level BlackBerry customers in regulated industries. It integrates robust layers of security protocols and cryptographic algorithms in accordance with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Users will be able to share information, receive critical alerts and other types of information, all while having greater confidence that their communication security will not be breached or their information compromised.


“HipLink Mobile is an excellent addition to the BlackBerry 10 enterprise applications portfolio,” said Peter Ng, Senior Director of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry. “The advanced features of HipLink Mobile provide customers with confidence that their data is secure.”


The superior end-to-end security standards integrated into HipLink Mobile ensure message confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity, while providing a sophisticated defense against attacks. Advanced administration options allow granular control of access to features of the connected device, and communication auditing and reporting.


Additional features beyond secure messaging include:


  • Remote Application Management of all HipLink Mobile features
  • Full two-way communication with pre-defined response options
  • Contact list maintenance, as well as the identification of favorite contacts
  • Message escalation: Redirecting messages to back-up recipients if not confirmed
  • On-duty messaging: Cross-checking work schedules and delivering messages to those on duty
  • Scheduled messaging 
  • Broadcast messaging


To learn more about HipLink Mobile or other HipLink solutions, visit


About HipLink Software


HipLink Software, a premier provider of wireless text and voice communication solutions, was founded in 1993 with corporate headquarters in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. As a certified woman-owned business with a long history of innovations in the industry, HipLink Software has demonstrated intense commitment to its products and its customers. The company serves customers worldwide across all industries with IT service alerting, alarm management, emergency response, mass notification and business continuity. Customers include Wells Fargo, Unisys, Kaiser Permanente, Honeywell, St. John Medical Center, Massachusetts DOT, SEPTA, Thomson Reuters, Verizon, Government of Alberta Canada, Westchester County, and Lockheed Martin, to name a few.


 For additional information on HipLink, please visit


 HipLink is a U.S. registered trademark of HipLink Software, Inc. Other third-party trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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