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LOS GATOS, CA, September 25, 2014 — Pamela LaPine, CEO of HipLink Software, attended an exclusive event in Toronto to celebrate the launch of the BlackBerry Passport, the first entirely new BlackBerry device to hit shelves since John Chen joined the company as chief executive nearly one year ago. BlackBerry also announced the release of BlackBerry Blend, a wireless synchronization application. HipLink Mobile is fully functional as a native app on the new Passport phone, leveraging BES10 and the Secure Work Space for added security and control.

The release of the BlackBerry Passport complements HipLink’s continued focus on heavily regulated industries where security is a priority. Specially designed for demanding professional users and executives, the Passport’s 4.5-inch square display and three-row keyboard is ideal for email, complex attachments, and viewing highly detailed documents.

With the native HipLink Mobile App, BlackBerry users can send and receive fully secure messages, escalate alerts to defined groups automatically, receive real-time message confirmation, and have a complete audit trail to ensure accountability. Alerts from other system integrations can leverage HipLink Mobile for high-level notification.

HipLink’s remote management features are especially critical for the financial, healthcare, and government industries. More recently, BlackBerry became the only vendor to receive full operational authority to run on Department of Defense networks. The announcement came shortly after BlackBerry's Secure Work Space for iOS and Android received Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 certification.

“We are thrilled to have HipLink Mobile fully operational as a native app on the BlackBerry Passport and running inside the Secure Work Space,” said Pamela LaPine, CEO of HipLink Software. “HipLink and BlackBerry have both made strategic investments in technology designed for highly regulated industries. It’s great to see the recent corporate advances BlackBerry has made, and we were honored to attend the launch event in Toronto.”

BlackBerry also unveiled the Passport device and BlackBerry Blend at two other invite-only events in London and Dubai.


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