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HipLink Unveils Most Advanced Platform to Redefine Standards of Excellence in Critical Messaging Space

Hospitals, public safety and enterprises now empowered to achieve maximum productivity

LOS GATOS, California---November 24, 2015—HipLink® Software, a leading provider of critical communication software to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses in healthcare, public safety and enterprise organizations, today announced the launch of its newest state-of-the-art platform, bringing more dynamic and powerful  features to the mission critical market place. The customer centric design enables organizations to implement the infrastructure needed to migrate and evolve communications to their preferred devices and platforms.  The resulting efficiencies lead to increased productivity and revenues. 

The newly released platform encompasses a broad spectrum of leading-edge features and capabilities including a new user interface that is faster and easier to navigate based on streamlined workflows and consolidated functions.  HipLink’s technology leverages more than 20 years of significant investments, including 17 patents, plus major product enhancements driven by customers.  As the market continues to demand secure communication and collaboration solutions, a rapidly growing number of companies are abandoning their disparate systems in favor of HipLink’s platform. 

“Our cutting-edge platform excels at providing a centralized communication system that connects diverse elements within the customers’ infrastructure, including manual, homegrown and various carrier interfaces, on a single platform,” said Pamela La Pine, CEO and President, HipLink Software.  “What makes our platform even more compelling is a new and enhanced interface that’s both robust and easy-to-use.  Our customers have always provided vital input and will continue to do so.  This enables HipLink to provide an incredibly high level of functionality with extreme reliability.”

Using HipLink’s platform, customers optimize mission critical communications with the ability for tracking messages to carriers, putting in place two way interactions, deploying secure messaging and supporting real-time reports.  Equally important, all of this can be done intelligently without jeopardizing communications with healthcare, public safety and enterprise audiences.

HipLink’s software is focused on creating efficiencies that result in increased productivity and revenue.  For example, healthcare facilities can automatically dispatch housekeeping once a patient has checked out, eliminating patient admission delays.  Administrators can also detect and alert network anomalies before a crash, avoiding or minimizing downtime for mission critical applications. 

Features at a Glance:

-Extremely fast page loading

-Streamlined workflows for all functions

-Mega menu for one click access to any feature/section

-Redesigned, consolidated send screens

-Model View Controller

-CGI back-end architecture

And much more…


HipLink’s new user interface is currently available for enterprise organizations.  General availability is expected in December 2015.  For more information, please call 1-800-524-7503.

About HipLink Software

HipLink® Software is a premier platform provider of critical communication software serving Healthcare, Public Safety and enterprise organizations.  With unparalleled leadership, patented technology, a proven track record and extensive customer base, HipLink delivers state-of-the-art solutions customized to meet the unique needs of its customers.  Customers and partners include Wells Fargo, Allina Healthcare, AmeripriseMotorola and AT&T.  For more information, please visit