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Hennepin County Emergency Management – Ready to Use HipLink IPAWS Interface for Super Bowl LII

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department is a mere half mile from the US Bank Stadium, home of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department, and the Minneapolis Police Department, the Super Bowl was over a year in the making. And with the help of HipLink Software, this sheriff’s department, as well as the entire Hennepin County, was more than ready for any emergency situation.


Dan Anderson is the Senior Coordinator of Public Warning and Communications for Hennepin County Emergency Management. His job is to work with the Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center (MECC) to ensure that the county’s public alert and warning systems are operational and functional. He uses HipLink Software to prepare for the worst, while always hoping for the best. “Our dispatch already uses HipLink. We did purchase some add-ons, and, since our employees are familiar with it, we wanted it to be on, just in case. HipLink is a very powerful tool. Happy to have it, and fortunately, we had no surprises. We know how to work the software and felt confident that we were completely prepared for anything.”


Minneapolis PD ran the communications for the Super Bowl event, in collaboration with Dan and the Hennepin County team. They planned for four incident types:


  1. Civil Danger
  2. Civil Emergency
  3. Shelter in Place
  4. Evacuate


Fortunately, they had HipLink ready to work with the FEMA program IPAWS, for both wireless emergency alerts as well as broadcast emergency alerts as the most effective way to get wireless emergency alerts to any cell phone or the EAS system. HipLink, who is certified by FEMA as an IPAWS compliant CAP Alert Origination Tool, offers one of the most comprehensive public notification systems in the market today.


In their planning, Hennepin County had HipLink set-up with MECC to send emergency notices, whether for a small or a large number of targeted people as required. Dan knew if HipLink was needed to send an emergency message, whether for this Super Bowl, or for any emergency situation, it would be ready.


A HipLink thank you to Dan and his crew for allowing us to be part of his critical communication plans for this Super Bowl, as well as all future emergency plans.