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Semotus' Product HipLinkXS Deployed by County of Stanislaus (CA) for Comprehensive Emergency Notification

County's Department of Emergency Services One of First to Adopt Sophisticated ESRI GIS Technology Module for Mass Notification

LOS GATOS, Calif. – December 12, 2006 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Semotus Solutions, Inc. (AMEX:DLK - News), an innovative leader of software solutions for enterprise mobility, today announced the company's wireless alerting solution, HipLinkXS, will be used by the County of Stanislaus (California) for emergency notification to first responders, the public, civic leaders, and area businesses of events such as severe weather, natural and man-made disasters, toxic or contagious events, or even terrorist threats.

The County of Stanislaus is using HipLinkXS' core technology as a wireless messaging solution to coordinate first responders during or in advance of critical events. HipLinkXS can send messages to any wireless device by groups, and to entire departments or agencies across the County based on possible event scenarios, to establish real-time communication.

Semotus is developing an advanced integration with ESRI’s ArcIMS that allows users from within HipLinkXS to seamlessly generate a lookup of residents for a specific geographical area. By using ArcIMS to tap into the GIS database of regional plot maps, property lot numbers, and addresses, HipLinkXS will extract and match this data with corresponding phone numbers. Then, using sophisticated voice technology, HipLinkXS will send a voice message to thousands of phone numbers at once. Dispatchers can choose from a library of pre-canned messages, or record and send a custom message.

Stanislaus County had a further requirement that was essential for HipLinkXS to meet - mass notification capabilities to the public using the ESRI GIS database already deployed in the county. Semotus Solutions has partnered with ESRI ( to integrate HipLinkXS with ESRI's ArcIMS software for this exact usage in the emergency response sector. By creating an interface with the ArcIMS application and database of geographical information, such as plot maps, property lot numbers, and addresses, HipLinkXS is able to extract this data and match it with corresponding phone numbers and then use tools in its voice module to send messages to the public. Dispatchers can select from pre-recorded messages, text to speech technology, or do a live recording of a message to send to the public.

“Coordinated communication is the key to efficiently prepare for and respond to emergency events at all levels. HipLinkXS provides us with a very powerful tool for getting critical information out to effected portions of our communities in a timely fashion. This timely sharing of information can help us to mitigate the effects of a critical incident or disaster and potentially save lives, ” noted Lt. Darrell Freitas of the Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services. “HipLinkXS is ideal for us because it's a two-fold solution. We can use it as a professional communication tool in all of the agencies that may be involved in response to a disaster, and we can use it to send mass notification to the public.”

Semotus President Pamela LaPine added, “Semotus is very proud of winning the Stanislaus RFP. We've worked closely with the County's Emergency Services department over the last several months, and are impressed with this agency's clear dedication to protecting their residents. This certainly drives the County's enthusiastic embrace of advanced communication tools like HipLinkXS. We're very excited about the core role HipLinkXS will play in Stanislaus' emergency response strategies.”

HipLinkXS is a powerful, state-of-the-art messaging solution that enables delivery of critical messages and can fully integrate with any enterprise application. Built on best-of-breed technology and incorporating advanced features, HipLinkXS ensures message delivery across multiple devices and through a variety of communication protocols.

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