North Carolina-based Telecommunications Company Realizing Material Cost Savings on Field Technical Support and Services

LOS GATOS, Calif. — (PrimeZone Media) — February 6, 2006 — Semotus Solutions (AMEX:DLK), an innovative leader of software solutions for enterprise mobility, today announced that Capital TelCom Services, a full service telecommunication solutions provider based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has chosen Semotus’ HipLinkXS messaging solution to replace its current dispatch system used to alert field technicians of equipment failures, outages and other critical events that may affect its customers.

The deployment required the extensive integration of HipLinkXS with Capital TelCom’s network monitoring software, as well as comprehensive customization of the system’s filtering capabilities by Semotus’ professional services team. The new filters are designed to provide greatly improved flexibility and control over defining when and how alerts are delivered to Capital TelCom’s field technicians – depending upon customer type and other mission critical factors. In addition, the HipLinkXS software features a unique reporting function that notifies Capital TelCom when a technician has responded to a problem.

John Sullivan, CEO of Capital TelCom, stated, “We are very impressed with the tremendous cost and operating efficiencies we are experiencing since switching to HipLinkXS. Although we fully expected that it would give us greater flexibility and control over our system monitoring and messaging capabilities, thus promoting enhanced service and response time for our customers, we have also enjoyed a number of value-added benefits that we did not initially anticipate. The intelligent filtering functions custom-built into our HipLinkXS solution by Semotus has provided us with a system capable of assessing system distress; identifying false alarms; and prioritizing and timing technician alerts based on customer need and contract performance requirements. As a consequence, we have found that we are able to significantly improve how we are managing our field support team and, moreover, are realizing material cost savings by not having to unnecessarily dispatch personnel into the field for false alarms.”

“It is such a pleasure to work with a firm that is so clearly committed to providing its customers with the highest level of attention and service. Semotus is very proud to add Capital TelCom to our growing list of satisfied customers who are enjoying a wide range of cost and productivity benefits made possible with HipLinkXS,” stated Pamela LaPine, President of Semotus Solutions.

HipLinkXS is a powerful, state-of-the-art messaging solution that enables delivery of critical messages and is designed to fully integrate with any enterprise application. Built on best-of-breed technology and incorporating advanced features, HipLinkXS provides a powerful interface for workforce productivity and ensures message delivery across multiple devices and through a variety of communication protocols.

About Semotus Solutions

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About Capital TelCom

Capital TelCom Services is a full service telecommunication solutions provider. The Company provides carrier services such as dial tone, long distance, Internet and email; telephone systems such as ESI and Vertical; and customized high speed Internet access for the hospitality industry. Capital TelCom has customers throughout the Southeast and has been in business since 1994.


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