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Wireless Messaging Software Now Available with Full Two-Way and Voice Functionalities

SAN JOSE, CA.—(BusinessWire)—August 13, 2002, 07:20 AM EST--Semotus Solutions (AMEX:DLK), a leading provider of mobile enterprise application software, today announced the release of HipLinkXS 2.2, the latest version of the company’s popular enterprise messaging software. The newest release comes with a host of cutting-edge features, including an optional voice module with Text-to-Speech and Interactive Voice Response components, and full two-way messaging capabilities.

HipLinkXS 2.2 can send several types of voice messages using either the web-based GUI or other software interfaces. Messages can be pre-recorded by administrators, translated from text to voice using Text-To-Speech (TTS) technologies, or a combination of the two (partly pre-recorded, partly TTS, based on predefined voice templates).

The Interactive Voice Response support allows users to access HiplinkXS and corporate applications over a regular phone line. Custom interaction with corporate servers can be easily configured through an XML interface by the customer, or by Semotus as a professional service. Prior to 2.2’s release, Semotus already implemented ready-to-use IVR interfaces that allow interaction with network monitoring software packages such as NetIQ AppManager, allowing NetIQ users to browse, acknowledge and close NetIQ events.

The full two-way messaging feature will allow mobile users to initiate messages from their devices in order to perform either predefined actions (confirm received messages, send messages to other users), or custom defined actions (from performing system commands to querying inventory or customer information from the corporate databases). The two-way components will be offered as part of an optional separate module.

Advanced Filtering has been added at the request of many HipLinkXS customers, and more software libraries will be available for programmers and system integrators to interface third party applications with HiplinkXS, such as WIN32, ANSI C and Java.

“With the release of HipLinkXS 2.2, the Semotus engineering team focused on developing a feature rich product that remained easy to use,” stated Cornel Fota, Semotus CTO. “The result is a dynamic messaging solution that users will embrace for the variety of intuitive communications options, and administrators will appreciate for the easy integration capabilities.”

HipLinkXS is a powerful, state-of-the-art instant messaging solution that enables delivery of critical messages to and from the field with the customer’s choice of carriers and devices, and is designed to fully integrate with any enterprise application. Users can send messages and request a response back from the receiver, with the ability to automatically trigger server processes based on the response from the field.

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Semotus Solutions (AMEX:DLK - news) is a leading provider of enterprise application software connecting employees to critical business systems, information and processes. With a growing enterprise customer base of more than 600 corporations including AOL Time Warner, Alcatel, Lucent Technologies, JP Morgan-Chase and Coca-Cola, extended over vertical markets of workforce automation, finance, healthcare, and m-commerce, Semotus Solutions enterprise application software provides mobility, convenience, efficiency and profitability.

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