New Features Requested By Customers, Expedite Problem Resolution And Improves ROI

SAN JOSE, California, September 24, 2001 – Semotus Solutions (AMEX: DLK, formerly, a leading provider of mobile enterprise application software, today announced the release of HipLinkXS v1.1, an upgrade version of the powerful, state-of-the-art enterprise messaging software solution. HipLinkXS v1.1 enables delivery of critical messages to and from the field with the customer’s choice of carriers and devices.

New features and improvements for HipLinkXS v1.1 focused on user oriented settings, customized templates and user defined reporting. The report screen allows filtering and sorting of messages based on sort criteria such as keywords, sender name and time/date.

Semotus has designed an innovative ‘department concept’ which allows administrators to design and implement organizational structural guidelines. These guidelines provide the administration with the ability to determine departmental, geographic and user group permission levels.

Emphasis was also placed on critical functions surrounding message delivery efficiencies. In addition to the existing load balancing functionality, Semotus enhances the timely message delivery service utilizing sorting algorithms that create message packages containing messages to a single carrier.

Semotus has integrated an internal backup system to handle failed messages due to either an ineffective modem or due to a non-responsive carrier. In the case of a modem malfunction, the software redirects the message to an alternative modem. When the software encounters a non-responsive carrier, HipLinkXS v1.1 will alter the message protocol. Failed messages are tracked through a reporting function that allows the user to view failed messages and re-send selected messages.

Wireless Communication Transport Protocol (WCTP) was added as an alternative Internet delivery protocol. Internet delivery has proved to be a cost effective and time efficient method of message delivery. The integration of WCTP into HipLinkXS v1.1 provides access to a wider range of carriers.

“This latest upgrade of HipLinkXS is a testament to our commitment to investors by generating revenue through continued product enhancements, our dedication to our customers, and to the industry to provide the most efficient and technologically superior wireless messaging software in the market,” said Pamela LaPine, Executive Vice President and President, Financial Services at Semotus Solutions. “By making the mobile workforce more productive with immediate and extensive communications capabilities, HiplinkXS improves a company’s ROI because it expedites customer service and problem resolution, giving them a distinct competitive advantage.”

HipLinkXS v1.1 is integrated with industry leading help desk and systems management applications. It runs on Windows NT/2000, Sun/Solaris, UNIX platforms, LINUX, and many others.

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