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HipLink Racing

 HipLink Software has been the primary sponsor for Henkelman Motorsports, fielding an A/Fuel Dragster in the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and at NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series events. Tuning duties are shared by recognized Top Fuel tuner Rick Henkelman and 2011 Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Dragster championship tuner Dana Hopewell, with Garrett Bateman handling the driving duties. 

The HipLink Racing Team in the Woodburn Dragstrip Winner's Circle.
Woodburn, OR  |  SEP 15, 2013


 Pamela LaPine, CEO of HipLink with the A/Fuel Dragster at the

Grand National Roadster Show.
Pomona, CA  |  JAN 2012



Pamela LaPine, CEO of HipLink (seated in car) talks with award-winning

Henkelman Motorsports driver Garrett Bateman at

the Grand National Roadster Show.
Pomona, CA  |  JAN 2012



The HipLink A/Fuel Dragster wins Best-In-Class honors at the

Grand National Roadster Show.
Pomona, CA  |  JAN 2012


Henkelman Motorsports Team tests the HipLink A/Fuel Dragster

at the Las Vegas test track.
Las Vegas, NV

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About Us

HipLink Software (formerly Semotus Solutions) was founded in 1993 with corporate headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. As a stable, profitable, woman-owned business, HipLink continues to demonstrate a high commitment to its customers, while introducing numerous technological innovations. HipLink Software has been the premier provider of software for wireless text and voice communication to global organizations of all sizes for over twenty years.


The first implementation of HipLink was in 1995 in a major project with Nextel. Successfully deployed across multiple verticals, HipLink is meeting needs for IT alerting, alarm management, critical communications, emergency response, mass notification and business continuity.


Whether enabling emergency messaging and notification systems to thousands of people in cities and universities, insuring hospitals, healthcare centers, fire departments, airports, and other institutions can quickly notify responders and volunteers, or integrating with help desk and other business software for wireless paging to insure customer service levels, millions of people have benefited from HipLink.


HipLink Business Industries:

  • Government agencies
  • Public safety offices
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Major utility companies
  • Energy customers
  • Financial institutions
  • Correctional facilities
  • Airports and other transportation teams


HipLink Software looks forward to working with you, solving all your communication and critical notification challenges.






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