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Become a HipLink Software Partner

Why the HipLink Software Partner Ecosystem?

 By joining the HipLink Software partner ecosystem, you’ll become an active participant in organizations striving to solve complex communications challenges. Your extensive vertical experience, technical know-how and value-added consulting will assist leading enterprises to solve intricate and sensitive problems while obtaining rapid returns on investment. In return, your organization enjoys revenue enhancing opportunities with new and existing customers.
 HipLink seeks partners who share our customer-focused values with companies driven to meet customer needs, exceed customer expectations, and take advantage of new customer opportunities wherever possible. We believe that integrity, truthful communications, service excellence and technical innovation inevitably work to everyone's benefit: our partners', our customers' and our own.

Market Focus

 We are especially interested in establishing relationships with sales channel resellers who specialize in selling, installing and integrating applications that HipLink can complement and enhance. These include help desk, public safety CRM and network/system management solutions running in UNIX or Windows environments.

Benefits HipLink Software Offers:

  • A quality product and a service at reasonable costs.

  • Demo software that lets you demonstrate capabilities valuable to meeting the customer’s specific communication requirements.

  • Sales Toolkits that include sales playbooks, collateral, price guidelines and referrals.

  • Product training to your technical staff members.

  • Expert channel account managers to help you position and sell our products effectively.

  • Superior customer technical support.


If you are considering becoming a sales channel reseller, or would like more information on becoming a partner, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the Partners form.



Technology & Integration Partners

HipLink Software works closely with leading technology partners to create solutions with added value to customers. HipLink can integrate with specific customer applications, computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems, and enhanced performance with carriers and device manufacturers. 


HipLink's close working relationships with third-party application vendors ensure HipLink continues to provide seamless alerting and messaging capabilities from their leading-edge applications. 


  • Technology & Integration Partners – These partners service a diverse area of need such as help desk management, supply chain management, fire safety, and GIS mapping.

  • Computer Aided Dispatch Systems – These partners offer mission-critical public safety and security notification software solutions.

  • Carriers & Device Manufacturers – As a wireless application service provider, HipLink Software has established business relationships with major carriers and device manufactures since the inception of the company in 1993.


Technology and Integration Partners include:
















Computer Aided Dispatch System Partners include:






Carrier and Device Manufacturer Partners include:








Sales Channel Partners

HipLink Software partners with leading technology organizations to provide comprehensive solutions that meet customer needs for wireless communications and access to critical data. If interested in becoming a HipLink Software Channel Partner, refer to the "Become a Partner" link located on the left side bar of this page.


Current HipLink Sales Channel Partners include:

























HipLink Partner Community

HipLink Software has a long history of business and technological collaboration with partners in all areas of communication and integration. Our long-standing relationships with network carriers, leading technology providers, third-party software developers as well as resellers, systems integrators, consultants, and specialists have helped us to create a far-reaching ecosystem with our partners and customers.


Thanks to this ecosystem, HipLink continues to meet today’s increasingly complex communications and notification challenges. We are always looking for new ways to create value for the organizations that we serve.


Technology Partners

Sales Channel Partners