Whitepaper: Emergency Notification for First Responders and Citizen Populations


  • Get people mobilized with as little delay and confusion as possible
  • Provide alerts and notifications under a single umbrella 
  • Deploy two-way messaging, ensuring that all alerts are received and confirmed
  • Provide detailed logging and reporting
  • Automatically switch communication protocols or networks
  • Generate immediate alerts for large groups of citizens


Public safety organizations need to have plans in place to take responsibility for the health and safety of large numbers of people. And worst-case scenario planning requires establishing complex, hierarchically-structured paging groups of many different types of professionals that can be notified in a matter of minutes when needed.


But how well are you really equipped to notify the exact set of people within minutes of becoming aware of an emergency - large or small? In particular, how well has your organization deployed today’s cutting-edge mobile communications technology to address this challenge? And how quickly can you alert large groups of endangered citizens?

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