BMC Remedy

BMC Remedy - Wireless Emergency Alerts Management System

A Turnkey Solution to Wirelessly Extend Your Remedy™ Desktop Environment


RemLink from HipLink is a module that gives a wireless extension to BMC’s Remedy Help Desk environment. It’s easy to install with automatic integration for alerting and notification with full remote access. RemLink brings the power, speed and security of wireless notifications and event resolution to the enterprise.

RemLink supports one-way and two-way SMS text and voice communications with any wireless device or phone. When an event is initiated by Remedy, RemLink quickly notifies the appropriate people. Providing connections to virtually any wireless carrier, RemLink uses the latest 2-way wireless communication protocols to quickly and easily support your existing infrastructure.

Using the Blackberry client application your IT personnel can remotely access Remedy case information, as well as create, update, and close trouble tickets. They can be notified of escalations and new high- priority trouble tickets through pushed email alerts. RemLink is available on the Blackberry platforms, with a standard interface that is fully customizable. The wireless client’s features mirror the desktop environment, ensuring the same high levels of data security.

With RemLink, your employees can pull relevant information on one specific case or ticket from the user’s group queue. A drop-down menu provides access to additional supporting information for the specific case. They can also view detailed information regarding the individual who reported the problem and work history of a specific case. Existing tickets can be edited wirelessly and receive a confirmation when the ticket has been updated successfully. A new trouble ticket can even be opened remotely and submitted to the Remedy Server.


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Key Features:

  • Wireless notification and remote application access for Remedy
  • Supports all wireless carrier communications protocols
  • One- and two-way SMS text and voice communications
  • Target on-duty groups or broadcast to everyone
  • Require alert confirmation with automatic escalation
  • “Remote control” for Remedy applications
  • Web-based GUI