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These case studies analyze a variety of common real world business problems in various industries and demonstrate how the rapid implementation of HipLink® proved to be a successful solution. Learn how your peers are integrating HipLink into their daily operations to reduce costs, increase employee productivity, enhance customer relations, and generally improve business processes while realizing a rapid return on investment.

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HipLink customers represent a wide spectrum of private industry and public sector organizations. All attest to HipLink's communication capabilities to achieve smoother business operations. The flexibility and versatility of HipLink allows organizations to integrate seamlessly with their own business applications or with their desktop dispatch system. Here is what  customers have to say about HipLink:


“Coordinated communication is the key to efficiently prepare for and respond to emergency events at all levels. HipLinkXS provides us with a very powerful tool for getting critical information out to effected portions of our communities in a timely fashion. This timely sharing of information can help us to mitigate the effects of a critical incident or disaster and potentially save lives. HipLinkXS is ideal for us because it’s a two-fold solution. We can use it as a professional communication tool in all of the agencies that may be involved in response to a disaster, and we can use it to send mass notification to the public.”

Lt. Darrell Freitas, Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services

“We are very pleased to have selected Semotus as our partner in this very important endeavor. The HipLink software will provide our Service with a comprehensive communications portal designed to communicate both internally and with community members we proudly serve. The Toronto Police Service is committed to being a world leader in policing through excellence, innovation, continuous learning, quality leadership and management. Our commitment is only strengthened through this partnership and we look forward to a successful implementation.”

Michael Gottschalk, Staff Sergeant, Toronto Police Services

“In 2007, Kelsey-Seybold initiated a project to replace its existing paging system with a more robust solution. Our goal was to implement a system with a broader range of device support and depth of capabilities. Having completed the clinic-wide rollout of Epic for our practice management functions, the Clinic is actively involved in rolling out the EMR functionality of the Epic system. The ‘any time’ to ‘any where’ messaging capability is essential to providing quality care to our patients and high service response by our IT support teams.” 

Martin Littmann, Director of Information Technology, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic


“We viewed the transition to HipLink as an opportunity to completely upgrade the messaging capabilities of Spillman Paging. With our previous vendor, Spillman Paging was limited to sending pages only as a text message to pagers and cell phones. With HipLink, now our users can reliably send messages to email, smart phones, fax machines, printers, radio networks, and voice using a variety of enterprise protocols.”

Doug Leffler, R&D Business Analyst, Spillman Technologies

“Almost immediately, we realized HipLinkXS offered all the functionality of the other product we evaluated, and more – an opportunity to quickly launch a simple, straightforward solution first that would solve our immediate problems.. In a nutshell, HipLinkXS lets us communicate a lot of information – a lot more effectively. Our next step will be to integrate HipLinkXS with our Remedy Help Desk so we can send and receive wireless alerts of trouble tickets. We’re pleased with the flexibility and results we’ve seen so soon from the software.”

Carl Korody, IT Systems coordinator, Loblaw

“HipLink allowed us to centralize the management of our mission-critical alerts
without taking away the scheduling flexibility each response group had come to expect. HipLink was able to complement our monitoring infrastructure without forcing us to redesign it. I was immediately impressed with HipLink’s extremely robust group scheduling and escalation, important features we particularly needed.”

Ted Meisky, Director of Open Systems, Safelite Group, Inc.

"When Realty Executives decided to implement a centralized messaging system, I compared at least 8 different wireless messaging products during an extensive testing process. The trial version of HipLinkXS allowed me to test the product's full functionality, not just certain components. I decided on HipLinkXS because of its advanced technology - Internet capability, which will save me thousands in phone lines, alpha terminal leases, and network costs, the ability to send messages in all the current wireless protocols, and the departmental grouping feature which will save us at least an hour a day in administration time. Finally, I was impressed with the HipLinkXS tech support team - knowledgeable people who are experts in their field and quick to respond to my questions."

Lance Ross, Director of Information Systems, Realty Executives

 “We had several unique requirements and right from the beginning Semotus’ tech team was consistently responsive – quite different from what you often experience when dealing with some of the larger companies, Semotus addresses your issues right away, rather than force you to wade through several layers of tech support. That gave us a great deal of confidence to move forward with HipLink.”

Charles Augustine, Princeton University

“Our partnership with Semotus Solutions is proving to be one that provides exceptional value to Southern Software’s customers. By combining the HipLinkXS wireless software with our CAD application, we can offer our clients a complete Emergency Response system that will significantly increase their response times to critical events.”

Larry Caddell, Southern Software CEO

“ESRI is excited to have Semotus Solutions as part of the ESRI Developer Network; we look forward to their participation in the developer community as they continue to build solutions on the ESRI platform.”

Rob Elkins, EDN product manager, ESRI

“In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies demand the reliability and availability of their business-critical networks, systems and applications. For this reason, immediate access to information regarding the health of these core resources is essential. By combining the actionable intelligence of InCharge with the powerful, real-time wireless capabilities of HipLinkXS, customers now have full confidence that these core resources will always be up and running.”

Roger Pilc, COO, SMARTS

"Our core customer base is the field service industry - so it is essential that the wireless messaging software we utilize is absolutely the best available in the market. That's why we selected's quick, 100% reliable, and our customers are extremely happy with it."

John Hibben, President, Application Design Associates, Inc.

"It can send a text message to any alpha pager and we have it automated through ARS. We also took it a step further and set it up to allow anyone on a UNIX system to page from the command line as well. We had considered the TelAlert system and found it cost way too much for what it provided. I still prefer HipLinkXS over TelAlert due to the cost effectiveness."

Chris Pruitt, Call Center Operations, Manager, Motorola ITSS


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