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Notification Software for Business Continuity | HipLink Disaster Recovery

HipLink provides proven automatic emergency alert system with Faster response and universal access following broadcast system for flexible Business Continuity a

Business Continuity - Mass Notification System

Proven Notification Software for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

What can HipLink do for you?

  • Strong incident response with everyday, operational value
  • Response team activation with clearly defined channels of communication
  • Leverage existing systems by integrating for automatic alerts and activation
  • Faster response with universal access
  • Real-time resource status through reports and two-way response
  • Broad communication to one person, a group or all employees
  • Support for text and voice on all carriers, all devices
  • Choice of deployment strategies - hosted, on-site premise or hybrid

Crisis management in response to emergencies has become a vital component of ensuring employee safety, company reputation, safety of corporate assets and future financial results. As organizations develop contingency plans to deal with a multitude of emergency situations, the first step in all of these plans is communication. To be truly effective, this communication should include wireless at its core.

The proper deployment of wireless communications ensures that no matter what time of day or night, the right people are notified, thus enabling team members to work together and respond effectively when an emergency occurs.

HipLink is wireless messaging software that provides your organization text and voice messaging capabilities to any mobile device on any carrier worldwide. With HipLink, you can communicate to employees, outside agencies, vendors or customers - any stakeholder quickly and reliably. The software can work as a stand-alone messaging system, or integrate with virtually any software including IT and network systems, fire safety systems, computer dispatch, PBXs, or other software as the wireless alert notification component. Using advanced two-way technology you are able to coordinate your response, provide updated information for vital decision support and monitor status in real time.

HipLink is secure, fast and loaded with features that will ensure critical messages are delivered on time, every time.

Supporting and Improving All Phases of Business Crisis Management

HipLink is web-based collaborative software that can support your enterprise before, during and after an emergency.


Prepare Better

  • Launch drills to test plans and improved results
  • Identify individuals and assign specific responsibilities for response
  • Analyze results from drills and identify areas requiring improvement
  • Test carrier efficiency
  • Create custom mobile applications to fill in the blanks


Respond Faster

  • Send the most robust alert notifications to all devices
  • See real-time status of resources
  • Execute response plan from devices
  • Execute remote applications from devices


Recover Sooner

  • Perform detailed analysis of personnel response, carrier efficiency, and system performance
  • Fine tune your plan for faster response in future scenarios

Operational Value

A strong system should be built for robust incident responses in an emergency and have operational value for everyday use. A system like HipLink can be used for standard wireless notification from either a desktop or applications like the IT network or even to send alerts from your building management systems and fire safety systems. With HipLink robust capabilities, it is used every day by the entire organization to ensure in time of crisis everyone can use it quickly and efficiently.

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