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Application Messaging | Integrated Automatic Alert Notification Software

One Central Platform for All SMS Text Alert Notification & Alarm Management for Critical Event Management & IT Outage Notification

Integrated Application Alert Notification System ~ Alert Messaging System ~ Text Alert Software

One Central Platform for All SMS Text Alert Notification & Alarm Management for Critical Event Management & IT Outage Notification

  • Highly reliable, automated SMS Alert Notification System for text alerts to mobile phones, desktop pop-ups, voice, or pagers
  • Secure Messaging via a mobile app as an alternative to SMS
  • One alert message system to channel all your messages through for critical events
  • Manage critical event management, system outage notification, network notifications, SQL server alerts, or critical system alarms
  • Mobile notification sent to the one right person at the right time

Having the right automated SMS alert system and alert management software can mitigate the impact of a problem and speed event resolution. Whether it is to manage a help desk’s day-to-day operations or a solution for critical incident management with full event alerts for IT outage notification, integrating a SMS text alert app or voice messaging software with your applications enables valuable communication for any organization. Alert messaging system that can send SMS text or voice messages to any phone or other device from any application, is essential for all organizations.

HipLink Application Messaging is a robust, highly scalable automated SMS System Outage Notification System that enables easy integration with any software application. Instantly send text alerts to any SMS text or voice enabled device, Microsoft Teams Channel, mobile or land cell phone, smartphone, desktop pop-up or even pager with vital, real-time information. Simple, easy, automated SMS alert software.

HipLink supports all-carrier communication protocols and is easy to use with no incremental message costs. Easy SMS text messaging software for all carriers are available in one package.

HipLink Application Paging can be integrated into any third-party application including IT and network operations software, CRM, ERP, inventory control software, building management software and other applications that need wireless one-way or two-way communications. Out-of-the-box integrations include ServiceNow Connector, Broadcom, NetIQ AppManager; Remedy ARS Help Desk; HP Operations, Network Node Manager, and Service Desk. Detailed integration notes are available for CA Unicenter; Microsoft MOM; Tivoli; Peregrine; Heat; Nimbus; Solar Winds; Nagios and others. Get IT outage alerts from the software you use.

To ensure that the appropriate individuals are reached, HipLink offers sophisticated grouping features such as escalations, on-duty, round robin, broadcast and multi-device grouping. All of these groups may be nested to assure that messages and text alerts will be delivered in real time and ensure response.

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Key Features

  • Automatically generate messages with full integration
  • Bi-directional SMS text interactions with a reply 
  • Tickets can be updated, closed, escalated or reassigned
  • Actions can be fed back into ServiceNow for associated commands
  • Target on-duty groups or broadcast to everyone
  • Automatic escalation if no reply
  • "Remote control" for ServiceNow 
  • Alert activity is tracked in the incident Work Notes & Comments fields

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