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Automatic Alarm Management system | Critical Wireless Alarm Software

HipLink offers extensive grouping capabilities for delivery based on schedules, priority or even rotation of alerts so that the message goes to the right person

HipLink Automated SMS Notification System for Alarm Management 

Text Alert Software for Critical alarms from any system, delivered automatically

For greater protection of people and property, the HipLink Alarm Management Software is an automated SMS notification system.  It integrates with countless applications to send critical notifications from a variety of systems. These systems can be anything from fire, HVAC, security, building management systems, environmental monitors, nurse call systems, laboratory software and even manufacturing assembly lines. Reduce alarm fatigue during event storms. Any system can be monitored by HipLink and important alerts can be converted into detailed messages and delivered to any person or group.

HipLink is proven, reliable alarm management software & Alert Messaging System that serves as a central point for alarm configuration, filtering and management to send time-sensitive alarms immediately and automatically from a third-party system. Any RS-232 data stream even an ASCII output string can be monitored with HipLink interpreting the incoming characters against predetermined settings. The software then immediately generates and sends alerts and notifications to an individual or to any group with full escalation.

Centralized alarm administration and alarm management systems are critical and HipLink can accept multiple inputs from an unlimited number of applications. Using advanced filtering functions, rules can be defined to evaluate, parse and reformat the content of messages using regular expressions for delivery and custom reporting.  

The user-defined filtering rules can map the incoming data to fixed format records that can be further processed. Messages can be sent out based on conditions that can be defined on the serial input records. Reduce any alarm flood periods to decrease incidents. 

HipLink offers extensive grouping capabilities for delivery based on schedules, priority or even rotation of alerts so that the message goes to the right person and the right time. All wireless carriers and devices are supported including full two-way protocols for delivery confirmation making HipLink a powerful automated SMS notification system.

And if you’re looking for a replacement to your Emergin paging system, HipLink can help. HipLink has out-of-the-box solutions with experience in migration in Emergin replacement projects for Wireless Office or Emergin Orchestrator.

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Key Features

  • Configuration and simultaneous monitoring of unlimited COM ports
  • Bi-directional communication between HipLink and the device
  • Flexible filtering or parsing rules can be based on any delimiter, size or regular expressions
  • Confirmation can be required to ensure response with unlimited escalation levels
  • Message routing can be static or dynamic depending on the string
  • Customizable report output and logging
  • Dynamic or static message creation based on rules engine
  • Detailed tracking and reporting for management review

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