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HipLink, a wireless paging software that offers an established, field-proven emergency alert system to meet your mass notification with full two-way SMS text, v

HipLink Community Notification System

Emergency Mass Notification for a powerful Alert System Through a Simple Web Interface 

More than ever, government organizations, educational institutions and other large enterprises need the ability to reach people quickly in case of an emergency with a public notification system. Whether sending emergency notifications to 100 people, 10,000 people, or a major city, HipLink offers an established, field-proven emergency alert system to meet all mass notification needs.

HipLink is a Citizen Alert System that provides law enforcement, fire departments, utilities and emergency dispatch centers with full two-way SMS text, Mobile App, voice and fax messaging capabilities to virtually any device. HipLink enables you to send first responder alerts, citizen mass notification, community alerts, and other emergency messaging under a single umbrella to the widest possible range of devices: telephones, smartphone app, cell phones, pagers, computers, and other devices*.

Many organizations need to target their citizen emergency notification to specific geographic locations. HipLink has been integrated with ESRI GIS to enable dispatchers to select the exact area on a map to send notifications. A simple, intuitive process using a detailed map can notify a specific street, zip code, or even a point with a radius.

HipLink has also integrated with IPAWS, enabling agencies to define authorized Users to send emergency messages from the HipLink interface to FEMA using defined gateways. This includes geographically targeted alerts to WEA, EAS, NWEM, COG to COG, and Public Feeds.

For those citizens that do not have a home phone or require alternative ways to be reached, HipLink has a powerful Web sign-up module for opt-in subscription. This provides a simple way for citizens to opt-in and subscribe to emergency communications and have notifications sent to any voice or text device. Organizations can also have informational topics listed that their citizens can select for timely informational updates.

HipLink customers are able to expand the reach of Computer-Assisted Dispatch (CAD) systems beyond TAP or dial-up for wireless 911 messages that cover the most efficient messaging protocols available. HipLink integrates with CAD systems to provide the wireless paging and messaging component, adding advanced functionality with message filtering and grouping features.

Whether you need a fully hosted solution in data centers a full onsite premise installation, or a hybrid, HipLink has the tailored solution that meet your organizational requirements.

HipLink’s mass notification software provides a robust, secure, and highly scalable wireless communications software solution designed to meet your critical messaging needs for public notification to alert your citizens.

*Contact HipLink to see if your desired device(s) are compatible with HipLink.

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Key Features

  • Alerts and notifications under a single umbrella
  • Widest possible range of devices: all cell phones, smartphone apps, voice, pagers, email, digital signage, etc.
  • Automatically switch communication protocols or networks 
  • Integrated mapping application sends alerts to very specific areas
  • Dispatch IPAWS from HipLink directly
  • Geographically target WEA, EAS, NWEM, COG to COG, and public feeds
  • Public-facing Web Sign-up, Opt-in module lets citizens specify what they want and how 
  • Detailed logging and reporting
  • Choose either a fully hosted system, a fully deployed system on your site or our innovative hybrid solution
  • Backed by HipLink’s 20+ years of experience providing industry leading notification, emergency paging, and emergency text messaging software

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