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Wireless Alerts from Siemens Fire Safety System | Wireless Fire Alarms

Siemens Fire & Building System - Wireless Fire Alerts

Wireless alerting from your Siemens Fire Safety System

Early detection and prevention of fire is an integral part of the protection and management of any modern structure. Saving lives and property from losses due to fires is a compelling reason for any business to explore advanced technology that enables early warnings or faster response.

HipLink is a powerful wireless text messaging software solution designed for mission-critical communication, providing highly reliable wireless fire alerts to any text or voice enabled device directly from your internal fire system or building software. This can give your on-site personnel advance warnings of any pending issues and provides an additional precious window of time to investigate and sometimes even avert a combustible situation before it has had an opportunity to escalate into a full-fledged fire.

Early detection and prevention of fire warnings can result in reduction of loss from both fire and water damage and is an integral part of the protection of any modern structure. Saving lives and property from losses due to fires is a compelling reason for any business to explore advanced technology that enables early warnings for faster response.

HipLink’s communications software provides a field-tested Fire Alert System that extends the functionality of the Siemens Fire Control system to automatically deliver wireless alarms and alerts to any cell phone, pager, desktop pop-up, or voice line within an organization. Targeted notifications, based on early detection that are delivered to appropriate on-premise individuals can help prevent large-scale fires from happening.

Designed for multi-purpose use, one HipLink base configuration can be used to integrate with security, building management, and IT monitoring systems for automated notification and offers the interface for emergency and disaster response notification.

By combining the speed, reach, and reliability of HipLink with fire safety systems like Siemens’ fire safety products, building maintenance and management teams have additional forms of notification on alarm information on any wireless device from anywhere, as well as the fire safety panel. Out-of-the-box integration and experience integrating with Siemens Fire Control ensures a smooth rollout.

In partnership with Siemens Building Technologies, the HipLink Fire Safety Integration module works with the both XLS and MXL Fire Control Systems. The System Command Centers can detect and signal the presence of fire, smoke, heat, off-normal sprinkler conditions and security violations.

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Key Features

  • Notify Operations and Management personnel
  • Notify Siemens service and sales reps
  • Deliver the generated alarms, supervisory and troubles to any device
  • Targeted to on-duty groups or broadcast to everyone
  • Require alert confirmation with automatic escalation
  • Available for both XLS and MXL panels
  • Filters for any type of alert distribution
  • Custom device info for NCC support

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