HipLink Products

HipLink Software has a full suite of products that meet virtually all needs for fast and intelligent communication and incident notification. From a single HipLink server, most customers solve multiple needs such as application paging, desktop paging, emergency notification, and mass notification. Read more about how HipLink software is a great public safety solution.

HipLink integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure to get you up and running quickly. Its powerful permission engine allows HipLink to be deployed securely across an entire organization. A modular architecture allows you to add functionality and capacity as your business needs grow and evolve.

Whether you need to send messages to your IT department, first responders, a large mobile sales team, dispatch field technicians, integrate with and provide data access to critical business applications, or generate emergency alerts and mass notification, HipLink is the proven wireless messaging solution. 


Integrated Application Paging: As a central alert platform for all applications, HipLink is able to easily integrate into any third party application and instantly send two-way SMS text alerts or voice messages to any phone or pager based on your groups and schedule. 

 Desktop Paging: Wireless paging software with an easy to use interface for an individual to send important SMS text or voice messages or emergency alerts from any browser.

 Automated Alarm ManagementCritical alarm management with one central point for configuration and filtering with time-sensitive messages relayed immediately and automatically from any system to individuals and groups. 

 Mass Notification: A proven system for first responder alerts and emergency mass notification sending emergency alerts to the widest possible range of devices with mapping and citizen web signup capabilities.

 HipLink Mobile Application: A suite of mobile application options that provide maximum flexibility and leverage optimum use of smartphones and tablets. A user can have a priority view of important alerts, receive fully-secure text messages, send secure messages, and execute actions remotely.

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