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HipLink Software (formerly Semotus Solutions) was founded in 1993 with corporate headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. As a stable, profitable, woman-owned business, HipLink continues to demonstrate a high commitment to its customers, while introducing numerous technological innovations. HipLink Software has been the premier provider of software for wireless text and voice communication to global organizations of all sizes for over fifteen years.


The first implementation of HipLink was in 1995 in a major project with Nextel. Since then, HipLink Software has grown to serve hundreds of customer organizations while benefiting millions of people. Successfully deployed across multiple verticals, HipLink is meeting needs for IT alerting, alarm management, emergency response, mass notification and business continuity.


Customers include Wells Fargo, Unisys, Kaiser Permanente, Honeywell, Hewlett Packard, St. John Medical Center, O’Hare International Airport, General Motors Corporation, Cablevision, Government of Alberta Canada, Westchester County, Toronto Police Department and Lockheed Martin, to mention a few.


Whether enabling emergency messaging to thousands of people in cities and universities, insuring hospitals, fire departments, airports, and other institutions can quickly notify responders and volunteers, or integrating with help desk and other business software for wireless paging to insure customer service levels, millions of people have benefited from HipLink.


HipLink Software looks forward to working with you and to solving your specific communication challenges.







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