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Public Safety Solution Cell Phone Paging System

CAD Integration - Cell Phone Paging System, Emergency Mass Notification


By integrating directly with your CAD, HipLink can automatically send a text message, giving your first responders address, call information, patient information, and any other details relevant to the call. This can help drastically reduce the amount of voice traffic over the radio by reducing the requests to repeat the address for responders en route at different times.

In addition to paging out routine information, certain incident codes can automatically trigger a page to the chief, captains, shift commanders or even special units. This reduces the amount of time a dispatcher spends trying to call people and leaves them free to focus on the incident at hand.

HipLink Software shines in its natural integration with Computer Aided DIspatch (CAD) systems by supporting numerous proven APIs and gateways. Many of our customers have integrated HipLink with such CAD systems as Spillman Technologies, InterGraph, Motorola, Tiburon, and several others. If you are currently looking for an Emergin replacement, HipLink has a turnkey solution. We've transitioned dozens of customers and made it easy by converting the data you already have.

Benefits to Integration:

  • HipLink integrates with any CAD system and is fully operational very quickly
  • HipLink can operate with the CAD or independently as a backup messaging and notification solution
  • HipLink simplifies processes and procedures for dispatchers so that all of the right people are notified 
  • HipLink's grouping feature saves time and simplifies broadcasting messages as once to the right people
  • HipLink can communicate with any device (e.g., desktop computer, cellphone, pager, radio, smartphone, smart device, fax, siren, alarm, signage)
  • HipLink has reports and tracking capabilities for audits
  • Messaging frees up radio airtime and puts the information in the hands of the responder so that messages don't have to be repeated
  • HipLink can send encrypted messages to smart devices and desktops


 Saving time saves lives. Save time with Hiplink.

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