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Citizen Emergency Mass Notification and Citizen Alert System

HipLink provides easy to use tool based on the latest reverse 911 standards with full integration for sending out mass notification alerts to citizen population

Citizen Emergency Mass Notification & Citizen Alert System

Map-based Citizen Alert Notification

The Resident Mass Notification features in HipLink provide a full suite of products offering an easy to use tool for sending out mass notification alerts or emergency notifications to your citizen population. Based on the latest reverse 911 standards, HipLink has a full integration to ESRI's ArcGIS mapping systems to meet demands for selected mass notification based on geography or location.

Dispatchers or Emergency Management can send emergency notifications to citizens living in a specific area using a variety of easy-to-use tools; such as a configurable polygon, a point with radius, or a line with a buffer. HipLink can also use markers such as an address or zip code. Dispatchers can even select addresses to be excluded.

Opt-in Website for Residents

In addition to sending to a 911 database of landline phone numbers, HipLink has a full Web Sign-up notification system enabling citizens to self-register and opt-in for SMS text to cell phones, smartphone app, voice alerts , pagers, TTY/TTD devices and even unlisted numbers and social media.

In addition, HipLink Software supports full IPAWS interface to FEMA. This allows agencies to geographically target all emergency alerts.

Using a fully customizable website, citizens link their information to one or more addresses in the county or city’s GIS system. When registering, your agency can also gather demographic data, such as resident or business, senior citizens and those with disabilities. Using this information, you can have messages sent first to those who may need more time to react, such as senior citizens or to disabled members of the community.

For those times when you want to send out more than just emergency alerts, HipLink users can also create a series of optional topics or community alerts to keep citizens informed of special announcements or events. When registering on the website, individuals simply check the box for the topics that are important to them. Notifications can then be sent to the entire list of those who have registered or using the map selection tool, only to those who live in a certain area.

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