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HIPAA Compliant SMS | Healthcare Texting | Encrypted SMS Text Messaging

HipLink Mobile secure text messaging solution. HIPAA Compliant text messaging that offers secure texting for medical communication and emergencies.

HIPAA Compliant SMS Text Messaging - Automated Notification

Secure, Encrypted Text Messaging for Healthcare Texting with HipLink Mobile

Secure healthcare texting between caregivers and clinicians in a healthcare environment is often stressful and frustrating for everyone involved. Whether it's a call center-to-physician or clinician-to-clinician using HIPAA compliant texting or secure messaging for chat, being able to send full patient details can make it easier and faster to coordinate proper care. Sending and receiving HIPAA compliant SMS is vital to your day. HipLink can help.

HipLink Mobile - Secure HIPAA Compliant Messaging for Healthcare Professionals:

  • Sends critical, secure communication that
  • Dramatically changes the workflow 
  • Enables fast, accurate notifications
  • Direct, simplified process

In addition to standard SMS text messages and hospital paging, HipLink supports an alternative to SMS with real-time with an encrypted, HIPAA compliant text messaging app. The works on Apple and Android phones through an encrypted mobile application for full HIPAA compliance.

For secure messaging apps for healthcare, users use HipLink to send secure SMS text messages, encrypted for HIPAA compliance both messages and attachments. They can send from a desktop and directly from the phone. It's a HIPAA messaging chat application!

With HipLink Mobile, the User is connected real-time to the server with a live connection for highly reliable and fast messages. For those times when a User isn't logged in, either intentionally or without realizing it, HipLink will alert the User and give them the option to quickly login. In all cases, the sender will know the exact status of their messages, whether pending or delivered, when and if they are read, along with any responses, whether it is peer-to-peer or desktop-to-phone.

Features include:

  • Wi-Fi or cellular data with seamless switching
  • Conversational or traditional alert message for group paging
  • Dedicated Inbox
  • One-click message response
  • Fully encrypted file attachments
  • Video and Wi-Fi calling in app
  • Override phone settings
  • Alternate alert tones
  • Message expiration
  • Send secure HIPAA compliant messages from phone
  • Remote device management

Message Encryption

To ensure message confidentiality, integrity and authenticity at the highest level for HIPAA compliance, HipLink uses the best possible mechanism, Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is recognized as the security standard in the enterprise community.

Using TLS, HipLink smartphone apps support a wide variety of bit-rate encryption options that include 256-bit AES encryption standards configurable by the administrator. One of the more interesting features HipLink has developed by using this standard is a "single session" handshake process. The security features apply to all phases of message delivery, both messages sent to the phone and responses sent back, as well as data at rest.

Security and Remote Device Management

In addition to client applications, there are several features for Remote Device Management from the HipLink administrative interface that are built in the HipLink Mobile App. An admin can take action to disable access, delete data and enforce General Policy for all of their Users.

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Healthcare Systems Integration

HipLink integrates into existing clinical systems to automate alerts, minimize steps, and save time.

Examples of applications that customers have integrated HipLink with include:

  • Epic MyChart
  • Epic
  • Veriphy
  • NurseCall
  • ip Monitor
  • Bedtracker
  • Code Alert
  • And more ...

Clinical Informatics

The IT department can use HipLink to monitor the hospital IT systems, anywhere, anytime. HipLink sends alerts about outages in real time and the Custom Actions from a smart device can deter a system failure. HipLink can also notify the business groups when the systems have stabilized.

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