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HipLink Professional & Managed Services | Consulting & Implementation

HipLink Professional & Managed Services

With our extensive experience in all phases of deployment and maintenance, our company developed innovative software that provides the following: 

  • Project Consulting 
  • Implementation Assistance 
  • Integration Assistance
  • Feature Customization 
  • Managed Services  

HipLink is available for desktop and mobile.


We take pride in how HipLink has become a mature software product installed on hundreds of sites worldwide. Whether you prefer a quick, simple, “off-the-shelf” installation or a more complex and sophisticated process, we have you covered. Our team of experts can assist you with all stages of implementation. HipLink’s notification services address your secure emergency messaging needs. 

You can always count on us to design the best messaging and alert software that meets your various business needs, including the following: 

  • Unique Communication or Notification Requirements 
  • An Easy-to-Implement Secure Messaging Feature or Function 
  • Special Deployment Capabilities 


Our highly skilled staff specializes in wireless application and messaging solutions. They designed HipLink to use a modularized, configurable open structure, allowing you to customize the software based on your preferred connection type and message solution. 

Managed Services

As someone running an event planning company, you know the importance of transferring the daily management tasks of your deployed solution to ensure efficient operations. The HipLink Software team addresses this need by setting up, configuring, and monitoring your infrastructure while resolving any issues that arise. 

Rest assured that we directly oversee your HipLink installation project at various levels. In addition, we put our vast knowledge of managed services to work for you so that you can enjoy peace of mind and predictable costs. 

Get in Touch

Contact us today to learn more about our highly customizable notification software. Feel free to send us your questions or feedback any time, as our company operates 24/7. 

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Key Features

  • Customer peace of mind – 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • Single point of contact for all software issues
  • Implementation of organization permission structure
  • Managed changes to Users, Receivers and Groups
  • Routine maintenance of back-ups, data archives and carrier performance
  • Defined service levels for service delivery
  • Known costs for management & fixed price contracts

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