HipLink Mobile Application

HipLink Mobile Application - Secure Text Messaging Solution

Text Message App Overview

  • Compatible with Apple or Android, smartphones, as well as, tablets
  • Supports Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connections
  • HIPAA compliant encryption for text messages
  • CJIS compliant encryption for text messages
  • Alternative to SMS messaging
  • Includes notification to desktops via pop-up alerts
  • Audit trail to track delivery and read receipts


The increasing fast pace of the workplace requires real-time response and access, as well as secure text messaging. Smartphones can help bridge the technology gap for mobile employees as well as those that are just away from their desk, who need to respond after-hours, or receive critical communications.

HipLink Mobile is a mobile application that provides maximum flexibility to optimize use of smartphones and tablets for secure texting. Using HipLink Mobile, a User can have a priority view of important alerts, receive fully-secure text messages, send secure messages, and execute actions remotely.

HipLink's proprietary protocol operates over live connections so that text messages can be sent completely independent of cellular SMS. The applications provide advance messaging features for encrypted text messages, the ability to override phones settings for emergency messages, and one click responses. Combined with the secure and easy to manage HipLink Platform, the HipLink Mobile App improves overall communication throughout the organization, regardless of location.

HipLink Standard Features

  • Dedicated inbox for HipLink messages sent from the desktop
  • Supports file attachments
  • Video and voice calling via Wi-Fi in app
  • Operates on any carrier's data network (3G, 4G, LTE) or a Wi-Fi network
  • Fully secure transmissions with message confidentiality and integrity checks
  • Unlimited message size
  • Both one-way or two-way notifications
  • Messages can be sent with increasing severity levels, each with distinguishing tones
  • User defined alert tones for every severity level
  • Persistent alerting feature for emergency notification with settings override for high-priority alerts
  • Messenger reminder for unread messages
  • Auto message expiration allows for automatic message deletions


HipLink Advanced Features

Using HipLink's advanced features, the User can leverage full control of their mobile environment.

  • Secure chat allows for conversational messaging with other mobile users
  • Send both standard and secure messages to any other HipLink device or desktop
  • Attach location coordinates
  • Execute pre-programmed custom commands or templates
  • Full administration and management controls
  • Draft messages, query other phones, set Favorites, define alert tones
  • Streamlined workflows offer efficient functionality for all tasks


Emergency Channel for Mass Notification

An example of use for the Emergency Channel is immediate, emergency notification coverage to every desktop, iPhone and Android device on a university campus, medical facility or other large site. The reach of this notification empowers entities to respond to a crisis situation with real-time information that can ultimately save lives and prevent further misfortune. 

Message Encryption

To ensure message confidentiality, integrity and authenticity at the highest level for HIPAA and CJIS compliance, HipLink uses the best possible mechanism, Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is recognized as the security standard in the enterprise community.

Using TLS, HipLink smartphone Apps support a wide variety of bit-rate encryption options that include 256-bit AES encryption standards configurable by the administrator.

One of the more interesting features HipLink has developed by using this standard is a "single session" handshake process. By using this method, the TLS encryption key is constantly changing on each communication session between the HipLink server and the mobile device. This short "time to live" makes cracking the encryption extremely difficult as the key is constantly regenerating with each communication transaction.

The security features apply to all phases of message delivery, both messages sent to the phone and responses sent back.

Wi-Fi Support

Support of Wi-Fi enabled devices has never been easier than with the HipLink Mobile App. Set your smartphone for Wi-Fi communication to the HipLink server when you are in the office and HipLink will automatically switch between your carrier's data network and the Wi-Fi network when in range.

Remote Device Management

In addition to client applications, there are several features for Remote Device Management from the HipLink administrative interface that are built in the HipLink Mobile App.

 Administrators will be able to take the following actions from the HipLink GUI:

  • Establish and enforce a General Security Policy for all Users
  • Push application settings remotely from HipLink to the phone or desktop
  • Push application capabilities and permissions
  • Delete all or selected data stored in the device application
  • Perform remote wipe
  • Lock out access to HipLink 

Quick Custom Actions - The "Easy" Button

The HipLink Mobile App includes very powerful tools that allow you to script any action on the HipLink server and make these actionable scripts available under the control of User permissions as a custom action on the mobile device.

An example of a custom action could be "Call Security" to a specific location, "Activate the Cath Lab Team," retrieve and update data from your backend EMR, or from any other backend system. The custom actions are presented as forms with fields that you can enter in any dynamic component. A filled out custom action form can be saved as a quick action for one button press activation - call it the "Easy Button."


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