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HipLink WeatherAlert

HipLink WeatherAlert feature provides alerts based on specific definitions of hazardous weather that could cause danger or disruption.

HipLink WeatherAlert Service

Automatic Weather Alerts Based on Real-time Changes

To help prepare for and pre-plan your response to emergency weather situations, HipLink WeatherAlert feature provides warnings of hazardous weather that could cause danger to life, property, or widespread disruption.

Receiving timely information about weather conditions or other emergency events can make a difference in your response.

HipLink’s WeatherAlert feature let's you define an unlimited number of filters for events based on a variety of parameters.  It then monitors the feed to deliver automatic alerts based on the National Weather Service (NWS). The messages can be sent via text and/or voice to any receiver or group in the HipLink to automatically to a topic in web sign-up.

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The User can define filters in your HipLink System for alerts based on all available fields in the NWS feed.

These include:

  • Event Type – The complete list of available events covers 120 types such as lightning, tornados, thunderstorms, hail, ice, snow, extreme temperatures, etc.
  • Urgency – Immediate, Expected, or Future
  • Severity – Extreme, Severe, Moderate, Minor
  • Certainty – Observed, Likely, Possible, Unlikely
  • Location – State, County, or Zone

Get full automation for critical weather alerts.

How it works

An unlimited number of alert types can be defined. HipLink then monitors the weather feed and when an incident matches the alert parameters, a notification is sent.

The Alert can be sent to an individual receiver, a group, or to a Web Sign-up Topic automatically.

WeatherAlert lets you:

  • Monitor the National Weather Service feed
  • Filter on the weather type and geographic area you need
  • Automatically notify only those people who need the alert
  • Configure as many geographic areas as required small or large
  • Send separate notifications for each filter
  • HipLink will do the configuration based on client’s specific requirements

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Key Features

  • Fully redundant, geo-dispersed centers 
  • Highly scalable capacity to meet any demand 
  • Choice of voice, text, fax or email delivery in any combination 
  • Hybrid option available for voice or text delivery 
  • Full Web site module for opt-in sign-up 
  • Cost Effective multiple plans Reliable with constant monitoring

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