Professional & Managed Services-Wireless Alert System

HipLink Software offers a variety of services including project consulting, implementation, integration assistance, feature customization and managed services. HipLink has extensive experience in all phases of deployment and maintenance. 


HipLink is a mature software product that has been installed in hundreds of sites around the world. The installation can be a quick, simple, “off-the-shelf” installation, or a complex and sophisticated one requiring expertise. HipLink Software can assist with all stages of implementation. It's your complete solution to your secure emergency messaging needs.

When looking for a unique communication or notification requirement, a feature or function that your agency needs to implement for secure messaging, or if you require a special deployment, our professional services team can design the right solution for you. HipLink offers messaging and alert software for any business need.

Professional Services for Customization

HipLink Software has a highly experienced and skilled professional services staff that specializes in wireless application and messaging solutions. HipLink is designed to be customized to meet any customer requirements and needs. HipLink uses an open structure that is highly modularized and configurable to varying connection types and message solutions. 


Managed Services

Many organizations are interested in transferring day-to-day management of their deployed solution as a strategic method for efficient operations. The HipLink Software team has experience with Managed Services and can own and have direct oversight of an organization’s HipLink installation at various levels.

HipLink Software’s team can set-up, configure and monitor a client's infrastructure and resolve any issues that arise. This provides peace of mind and predictable costs for every client.



Mass Notification Software


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