First Responders and 911 Centers

First Responders and 911 Centers - Public Emergency Communications

The effectiveness of any emergency response can be broken down to a single factor; the ability to receive and act on timely information. 1st responders including PD police departments, fire fire fighters, and EMS need reliable access to critical information faster and on a variety of devices. Therefore, HipLink provides the best police and fire department messaging and notification system.

HipLink wireless emergency alert paging software provides Smartphone App, SMS text, voice and fax messaging capabilities to virtually any device. It used by police departments, law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and emergency dispatch centers. Furthermore, HipLink expands the reach of CAD systems beyond dial-up and email for wireless dispatch of 911 messages and emergency notification. 

So, if you’re using email to send text messages, you probably know how unreliable it has become. It’s only getting worse. HipLink gives the power to use the most efficient and advanced messaging protocols available. This ensures messages are delivered or gives a notification if they didn’t get there.

HipLink will integrate with any CAD system to provide the automatic paging and texting component. Consequently, this adds advanced functionality with message filtering and grouping features. On the other hand, sometimes there is a need for manual paging. HipLink supports texting from a desktop computer to send text messages from a PC. Also, if you’re looking for a replacement to your Emergin paging system, HipLink can help. We’ve transitioned dozens of agencies converting their Emergin data. 

Lastly, it is used for fire department paging, PD or police paging, volunteer activation and call-out or any other wireless dispatch. HipLink is an emergency communication software designed to meet the critical messaging needs of both large and small organizations.

Benefits of HipLink

  • Get people mobilized with as little delay and confusion as possible.
  • Works with all phones, pagers, email and fax.
  • Two-way SMS text messaging supported ensuring alerts are received, confirmed and responders can request help as needed.
  • Reduces radio traffic by sending standard information and avoiding call-backs.
  • Encryption available for sending sensitive information securely to command staff.
  • Real-time reports with the status of messages.
  • Choose either a fully hosted system in our data center, a fully deployed system on-site or our innovative hybrid solution.





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Other Public Safety Integrations

Integration Opportunities

  • Panic buttons for courthouses, judge's chambers or other government facilities
  • Building Intercom Systems
  • Radio Towers
  • Body camera consoles
  • Jail management software
  • Emergency door activity
  • Fire safety and alarm systems
  • Shot detection software
  • Smart gun alerts