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Mobile App for Public Safety

HipLink Mobile App provides highly secured & encrypted emergency communications solutions for critical messages and notifications supporting conversational mess

HipLink Mobile App for Public Safety - FirstNet Certified 

HipLink Mobile provides a highly secure mobile communication solutions for critical messages and notifications that is FirstNet Certified. Public safety entities trust the reliability of HipLink to deliver messages. The encryption employed meets the highest security standards for control of data on a smartphone or tablet and is CJIS compliant.

The FirstNet Certified HipLink Mobile App is as an alternative to SMS when carrier enterprise protocols are not available or are too costly for internal staff, outside agencies or even volunteers. Secure chat allows for conversational messaging and can be used with other mobile users with full audit trail. Use it anytime you need extremely reliable delivery with complete tracking.

Because the HipLink app can operate on either the cellular network or on your own broadband, you have complete coverage, no matter what the situation. 
Law Enforcement
Requirements for law enforcement have become more complex and dispatch is typically understaffed, so agencies are looking for solutions to support the environment they find themselves in. 
It’s becoming important for teams to have powerful tools for self-coordination whether it’s a tactical group, search and rescue, animal control, etc. This relieves dispatch from being in the middle and the potential delays that come with it. With HipLink Mobile, teams can see where everyone is at either on the way to an incident or, onsite for better command coordination. 
Because HipLink can be integrated directly with CAD, notifications are automatic and fast.

HipLink Real-Time Mapping

Alert Screen

  • Alerts sent with the mapped target location shown
  • The locations of others who have been sent the alert

Map Screen

  • Detailed map shown on view
  • See status and directions to the incident
  • See who else is enroute to the incident
  • Real-time updates for all responding

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