HipLink Solutions


Emergency Mass Notification System


Wireless Emergency Alert Public Alert System

Alert Management System for Healthcare Emergency Communications

"Without a doubt, HipLink has played a key role in decreasing incident response time and resolution."  – HMO Technical Support Manager

Using HipLink, organizations see faster deployment, shorter learning curves, and increased Return on Investment (ROI) for healthcare communication solutions including hospital paging and wireless paging systems.

Care Coordination

  • Call Center
  • On Duty
  • Trauma teams
  • Rapid Response Team
  • Bed rotation-turnover (patient tracking software) / Capacity Management
  • Volunteers
  • ACO

Easy Access fully web-based for universal access

Encrypted, HIPAA compliant texting critical communications on smartphones and tablets both alerts and HIPAA compliant chat

Advanced Communication Protocols — native protocols with no dependence on email

Custom Responses – create custom one-click responses for recipients

Voice and IVR – full functionality for delivery to any phone line with TTS technology

Two-Way Messaging – confirm delivery of messages, send instructions or request additional resources

Message Templates – simplifies the delivery of messages by pre-defining a template to send a complex message in seconds

Departmental Permission – easy-to-define policies to control access and data view for increased security

Powerful Grouping – mobilizes any size group instantly.  Group types include on-duty, escalation, rotation and broadcast groups that are easily defined

Escalation – escalate critical messages or alerts messages automatically until they are acknowledged

Attribute Assignment – ad hoc query based on pre-defined characteristics for sending messages

Accountability – full audit trail for all activity

For those looking to compliment or replace their Emergin paging software solution with encrypted messaging or support for legacy functions, HipLink has out-of-the-box solutions with experience in migration in Emergin replacement projects for Wireless Office or Emergin Orchestrator.



Mass Notification Software


Other Public Safety Integrations

HipLink Has Many Integration Opportunities, Such As:

  • Panic buttons for courthouses, judge's chambers or other government facilities
  • Body camera consoles
  • Jail management software
  • Emergency door activity
  • Fire safety and alarm systems
  • Shot detection software
  • Smart gun alerts

Systems Integration

HipLink integrates into existing clinical systems to automate alerts, minimize steps, and save time. Examples of applications that customers have integrated Hiplink with include Veriphy, NurseCall, EPIC MyChart, ip Monitor, Bedtracker, and Code Alert.