Other Integrations

Other Integrations - Supporting Multiple API's & Gateways for Alert and Mass Notification

Due to its flexible and adaptive architecture, the HipLink Text Message System can be integrated with a wide range of enterprise applications. Supporting multiple APIs and Gateways, we’ve integrated with hundreds of applications. The most common integrations are through REST, CLI (Command Line Interface), and COM object but we also support a JAVA interface, XML via SOAP, our own HTTP API and other gateways such as WCTP< SMPP, SNPP input, SMTP input, TAP input, a File System Interface for mainframes and SNMP traps. We have easy to use manual integration notes for a variety of popular applications like SCOM, MOM, Tivoli and Heat to mention a few. 
In addition to the interoperability with leading vendors such as ServiceNow, BMC, HP, NetIQ, among others, HipLink has established integration partnerships with leading telecommunication carriers and computer aided dispatch (CAD) providers for out-of-the-box integrations. 

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