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HipLink complements your current public safety efforts for both 911 and emergency operations systems by providing an effective way to get wireless emergency alerts to any device serviced by a commercial carrier. Messages can be sent by either SMS text or voice from integrations with systems like CAD or manually from any desktop browser.

Reliable, Scalable and Proven

Need to send an emergency message to ten people? One hundred? Ten thousand? A major city? HipLink's got you covered!

HipLink provides the world's most advanced critical notification software for emergency alerts to any 1st responder or Command Staff for complete 911 paging.


  • Supports virtually every carrier and device
  • Provides encrypted text messaging for CJIS compliance with the FirstNet Approved mobile app
  • Supplies the tools for fast, coordinated responses to any emergency scenario
  • Offers special features for fire department pagers and fire paging for paid or volunteer forces
  • Helps coordinate CERT teams and drills
  • Delivers the industry's best wireless dispatch software
  • Has extensive experience in Emergin paging replacement
  • Is YOUR comprehensive wireless emergency alert system


To read more about how agencies are using HipLink everyday, see the following case studies and HipLink Customer Stories:



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