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Text Messaging Software for Corrections | HipLink Prison Notification

HipLink is a powerful wireless text message software for secure messaging to improve operations, reduce costs, increase safety & provide a means for internal, p

Emergency Communications for Correction Professionals

Powerful Mobile Corrections Management Paging Software

The challenges facing correction departments for both jails and prisons are well known:

  • Overcrowded facilities
  • Insufficient staffing
  • Reduced budgets
  • Volatile situations that flare up instantly

Information can stream in from a variety of sources and often needs to be urgently delivered to a variety of people; on-site and off-duty employees, senior staff, technicians, maintenance crews, community leadership and outside agency representatives. Poor communications can bring disastrous results.

Solution to the Communication Challenge

HipLink is a powerful wireless text message software used by Sheriff Departments for jails and Wardens for prisons to improve operations, reduce costs, increase safety and provide a means for internal, public or victim notification. It’s advanced technology that quickly mobilizes key personnel across departments, agencies, and geographic locations.

Power and Flexibility of a Web Application

As web-based software, HipLink provides SMS text and voice alerts to any wireless device, including pagers, cell phones, PDAs, land-line phones, fax machines and even computer desktops. It automates alerts so they reach individuals, or groups of individuals that you designate. It allows for two-way messaging to ensure alerts are received confirmed and the responder can request further assistance.

Common Uses of HipLink in Corrections

HipLink services a number of corrections requirements including:
  • Emergency Communication for executing or activating any response scenario anytime from anywhere from your EAC.
  • Call Center Dispatch for trouble report and updates with real-time status report.
  • Logistics Coordination for court transportation issues, delivery timing or service staff.
  • Application Integration with any software for broadcast messages or automatic alerts.
  • Victim Notification in an urgent situation.
  • Switch Communication Protocols or networks in cases where a disaster knocks out a key element.
  • Building Management Alerts to give automatic alerts from fire safety systems and building systems.
  • E-Discovery Compliance tracking wireless communication and providing complete records.
  • Interoperability for fast communication with outside agencies, organizations and stakeholders.

Benefits and Peace of Mind

  • Faster response times to emergency situations
  • Mobilize any size group with as little delay and confusion as possible
  • Unlimited permission levels for increased security
  • Reduce time to respond to and dispatch personnel
  • Maximum message delivery reliability
  • Operational efficiencies for cost savings
  • Automatically mobilize personnel from multiple departments, agencies, states or offices
  • Leverage existing infrastructure by seamlessly integrating into CAD and other applications
  • Prove compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Reduce paging costs and lower overall total cost of ownership

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HipLink uses the latest in communication technology to quickly mobilize key personnel across multiple departments, agencies, and geographic locations. With complete fail-over and redundancy, HipLink ensures critical message delivery all the time … every time.

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