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Free Up Clinicians' Time: Streamline Workflow for Optimal Patient Care


Grace Hospital, located in Ohio, is renowned for its demanding and exhausting work environment. Despite operating as a not-for-profit entity within the healthcare sector, Grace specializes in treating patients with intricate and severe cardiac conditions. While the hospital prides itself on employing skilled and committed staff, all four of its locations grapple with alarm fatigue, financial constraints, and communication challenges. 

Alarm Fatigue and its Dangers

Alarm fatigue, a prevalent issue among nurses and clinicians in high-pressure settings, is characterized by the overwhelming number of alarms sounding off throughout the day. In such a scenario, distinguishing between critical and non-urgent alarms becomes increasingly challenging.

To combat this issue, HipLink offers innovative solutions. Their technology delivers alerts directly to nurses' smartphones, enabling them to promptly assess the alarm's urgency and respond accordingly. Additionally, HipLink's secure messaging system ensures patient confidentiality while empowering nurses with the tools needed to perform their duties effectively. 

Grace Hospital's battle against alarm fatigue primarily revolves around managing costs and manpower. Recruiting skilled nursing professionals proved to be a daunting task due to the hospital's multiple locations and specialized focus. Limited funding exacerbated the situation, forcing the hospital to rely on existing staff to alleviate the strain.

One of the interim solutions implemented by the hospital was the establishment of a centralized monitoring "war room" where clinicians could oversee alerts and direct nurses accordingly. While this approach helped to some extent, it incurred additional expenses and led to delays in patient care. 

With the introduction of services like HipLink, the need for such war rooms has diminished significantly. This not only saves costs but also allows nurses to focus on direct patient care rather than monitoring duties, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and individualized patient attention. 

Communication emerged as another significant challenge for Grace Hospital, given its dispersed locations and complex organizational structure. Collaborating with HipLink, the hospital implemented a virtual private network to streamline communication and support HipLink messaging, thereby improving coordination across all locations. 

For not-for-profit hospitals like Grace Hospital, obtaining advanced technology poses significant hurdles. However, with initiatives like the implementation of HipLink and improved communication infrastructure, Grace Hospital can better serve the Cleveland area while prioritizing patient care over administrative burdens.  

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