Powerful Simple Reports

Powerful, Simple Reporting

    Easily find what you need … the way you want see it

HipLink’s reporting and log tools can be accessed from anywhere where you have Internet access. Both are a powerful tool for managing your communication platform and getting the information you need.

Important Features: 

  • See either a detailed or a summary view of any call-out
  • See all responses from messages sent in real-time
  • Views are fully customizable for each person
  • Select just the data that is important
  • Any data can be exported in several formats


For the Admin:

  • Easy to use filters are available for any data set
  • Reports are maintained based on defined global settings GUI module
  • Dynamically set both file size and how long to keep messages
  • No limit to how much data can be archived
  • Automatic cleanup process run to manage data


Mass Notification Software



Key Features:

  • Fully web-based
  • Virtually any phone supported
  • Consolidated Text Messaging Service
  • Real-time status reports
  • One-way and two-way
  • Group messaging
  • Text-to-speech voice functions
  • Customizable permissioning 
  • Other Devices - Pagers, Signs, Desktop


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