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Streamline Escalation and Configuration by Centralizing Alarm Management

Centralizing Alarm Management

Alarms systems are central to creating a safe and efficient work environment. They quickly detect and alert your personnel about problems and abnormal conditions in your work environment. That enables your team to take immediate corrective measures to restore normality and safeguard lives and property.   

But sometimes, the signals from your alarm system can prove overwhelming. Some alarm systems, such as those in the healthcare and industrial sectors, generate hundreds of daily alerts. Too many alerts lead to alarm fatigue which may prove disastrous. 

Centralizing your alarm management can help you streamline escalation and set priority alarms to streamline your response. HipLink eliminates the guesswork by sending out detailed text alerts for critical warnings. 

Limitless Integration 

HipLink is a dynamic alarm management software that integrates with virtually any system in today's work environment. It syncs with fire and HVAC systems, environment monitors, nurse call systems, laboratory software, manufacturing assembly lines, and building management systems. You can configure the system to send out SMS notifications with your critical notifications. Better yet, you can use HipLink to monitor multiple systems simultaneously. Due to its limitless integration capabilities, HipLink will work with all applications in your current work setup. That allows for a uniform, centralized, and efficient response to every critical alarm.  

Detailed Text Messages with no Guesswork 

Besides accepting inputs from limitless applications, HipLink has the unique advantage of converting all alerts into detailed text messages. Besides sending out the alerts, HipLink lets you configure the message to suit your needs. You can configure the system to send text messages detailing the appropriate response to a particular emergency. That way, you can streamline your response time when dealing with critical alarms

Once configured, HipLink will interpret the incoming technical alerts against the preset message in its system. The text alert system will automatically generate and send notifications and alerts to the intended user group.  

Customized Alerts and Notifications

Information overload can be disastrous during an emergency. It can leave your team confused about the best course of action. You can overcome this problem with HipLink's dynamic text messaging system. You can easily break your group into different categories and assign them specific duties. Then configure your alarm system to send custom messages to members in each category. 

Once an alarm goes off, each team member gets an SMS alert with detailed instructions on how to proceed. That eliminates confusion as everyone swings into action without awaiting further direction. HipLink features advanced filtering capabilities to let you customize the messages to suit your specific needs. 

Creating and defining custom rules to determine the rules is invaluable in an alarm management solution. HipLink lets you define custom rules that the system can use to evaluate, parse, and format the content of your notifications. You can easily map the incoming data to existing records and refine it further to avoid overwhelming your team with a flurry of text alerts. 

Still, you can configure HipLink to send alerts and notifications to the right person at the right time. Besides grouping recipients into different categories, the system lets you choose when to send the alerts. You may send the alerts on a specific schedule in order of priority or sync the alerts to fit your work timetable. 

Streamline Your Alarm Management and Response 

HipLink is compatible with all wireless carriers and all communication devices that support SMS notifications. That eliminates the need for specialized communication gear and equipment. The system will work with any mobile device, smart or otherwise. 

HipLink is a powerful and reliable alarm management software with a dynamic alert messaging system. It's the perfect solution to help you centralize alarm management in any workplace. It'll easily streamline your ability to respond to critical alarms without overwhelming your team or leading to alarm fatigue. 

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