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Las Vegas, NV -- -- With only about ten laps on their current engine combination, Garrett Bateman and the HipLink Dragster are proving they are quick on the track, and on the uptake. Going to the semi-finals at the SummitRacing.com Nationals this past weekend, Bateman is a happy man.

“Going to the semi’s was an exciting deal,” said Bateman. “It has come together quickly, and the car gets better each round we go.  We had a great weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, despite the loss."  

Bateman qualified in the number six position with a 5.452/251.67. In the first round of eliminations, the Nitromethane Injected Top Alcohol Dragster was matched up against Brooks Brown. Bateman snapped off a .029 reaction time and took the round win with a 5.568/247.79 to Brown’s 5.917/213.98. In the second round, Greg Hunter had a great view of Bateman’s best run of the weekend.  The scoreboard showed a 5.335/255.29 for the HipLink Team, besting Hunter’s 5.486/260.97. Now it was on to the semi-finals. Bateman was matched up against fellow 801 Racing Teammate Cody Perkins. When the light came down, Perkins .024 light made all the difference. Bateman’s dragster streaked down the quarter mile to a 5.399/253.37 to Perkins’ 5.408/262.13 but it was not enough. Perkins won the race with his better reaction time.

“I had so much confidence going into the race against Perkins  It’s tough to lose on a holeshot,  Cody earned it, said Bateman. “I trust what they do with the car. I really want to hand it to Rick Henkleman and Dana Hopewell. Along with Mike and Brandon Henkleman, Frank Aldana, and Mark Tarabochia, I have a great team behind me. I also want to thank Steve Strope and Pure Vision, 801 Racing, NGK, ARP, and Guarantee Chevrolet. We were also lucky enough to have the owners of HipLink out to the race. It was really special to have Pam and Tony with us.”

After the race Garrett and his wife Carrie took a relaxing stroll around the pits. Call it date night with a drag racer. They did bit of sightseeing and visiting with other teams. Gone was the noise, nitrofumes, and holeshots. Thoughts turned to their son Beau, who was spending the weekend with the grandparents. Soon they would be together, until race weekend comes around again. They are planning on going to multiple national events and some Pacific Regional events. Either way, Garrett Bateman and the Hiplink Team will continue to improve with an eye to the future.

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