• Trusted Since 1995

Reliable phone alerts to any carrier

Phone alerts your organization can count on.

Send critical or important alerts to your phone right from your desktop or application

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Phone Alerts - HipLink has you covered!

  • Fully web-based
  • All Devices - All Protocols
  • One-way and two-way paging
  • SMS text messages without using email
  • Supports Enterprise paging and SMS text paging
  • paging software
  • Group messaging
  • Text-to-speech Voice functions
  • Real-time status reports
  • Pager monitoring
  • Any carrier

Every person. Every system. Every device. Every time.

Get the right information to the right people.

The Complete Solution

Targeted Alert Notifications

Streamline communications and accelerate response time by instantly mobilizing on-duty personnel and escalating critical alerts automatically.

Any device...Any carrier...Anywhere

Embrace BYOD without compromising security. HipLink reaches users how they want to be reached-covering the widest variety of devices available.

Secure Messaging

Send fully encrypted messages and attachments from any desktop or mobile device.

Complete Accountability

View a comprehensive audit trail of all activity, including time-stamped messages and responses as well as daily performance metrics

HipLink powers and centralizes critical communications centers around the country

"It's really the flexibility that makes HipLink a high-quality notification tool. Although it was originally purchased to help us meet the Trauma I response requirement, it's being relied upon in so many other ways."

Bill Eubanks, CIO of UMC Health System

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