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Enhancing Secure Text Messaging (STM) Implementation in Healthcare


Secure Text Messaging (STM) offers healthcare providers a convenient and efficient means of real-time communication with colleagues. It enables the exchange of lab results, medication requests, and test results through a secure, encrypted messaging platform. 


However, the successful implementation of STM goes beyond technology; it requires a strategic approach to encourage adoption among healthcare professionals. Hospitals can achieve this by implementing an internal marketing campaign, garnering support from the IT department, and soliciting positive feedback from users. 


Garner Support and Encourage Change

Securing executive support is pivotal to the success of the STM implementation. Project leaders should demonstrate how STM addresses critical business challenges and benefits the hospital, including improved communication among healthcare providers, HIPAA compliance, and enhanced patient satisfaction.


Furthermore, influential end users can champion the adoption of STM. These individuals, especially technologically experienced physicians with high peer regard, can play a significant role in persuading their colleagues to embrace the new technology. 


Simplify the transition by highlighting that STM operates similarly to regular texting and emphasize its benefits, such as time savings, faster communication, and enhanced patient care through efficient clinical communications like nurse call and code calls.



Promote the Advantages

 Effective acceptance of STM necessitates a comprehensive marketing campaign. Collaborate with the marketing department to plan and execute a promotional strategy that ensures everyone is aware of the app's availability, rollout schedule, training opportunities, and user benefits. Generate excitement before the app's launch with newsletters, posters, banners, and blogs. Pre-launch blogs can provide insights into the app's ease of use and its numerous advantages, generating enthusiasm among potential users. 


The rollout event is crucial. Include representatives from the IT department and the vendor to provide initial training and address questions. Having influential advocates present at the event can boost user confidence in the technology. 



Provide a Dependable Infrastructure and Troubleshooting Process

Ensuring comprehensive Wi-Fi and mobile coverage across all hospital locations is essential. A robust network is critical to prevent delayed critical messages and user frustration. 


Anticipate potential technical issues with the app, contact directory accuracy, and device settings. Create a user-friendly, self-service FAQ database for common questions and troubleshooting. Additionally, establish a service desk for more complex issues, with multiple access points, including within the app itself. Prompt assistance will encourage user engagement.



Plan and Deliver

To ensure a successful STM implementation, prioritize user experience. Thoroughly test the app to identify and rectify potential glitches. Ensure users understand that occasional issues may arise due to factors beyond the app's control, such as network coverage.


Effective planning and preparation are essential to delivering a successful rollout, increasing STM adoption, and enhancing communication efficiency, ultimately benefiting patient care.  For more information about HipLink and our STM app, contact us at 1-800-524-7503.






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