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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Mobile Health Technology


Embracing the Future

A HIMSS Mobile Technology Study, encompassing 238 respondents, underscores that healthcare organizations are rapidly adopting mobile technologies to engage patients within their ecosystems. Significantly, many respondents emphasized the need to fully harness the diverse capabilities offered by mobile technology and platforms. For instance, nearly 90% of respondents reported the use of mobile devices to engage patients within their organizations. Additionally, 47% of respondents identified implementing mobile services for information access as a top priority for the future.



The proliferation of mobile technology in the healthcare industry is on an upward trajectory, as smartphone and tablet programs and applications continue to advance. Mobile health technology, often referred to as mHealth, has the potential to enhance patient care and streamline staff and procedural efficiency.


Critical Criteria for Mobile Health Technology

To successfully integrate mobile health technology into an organization, healthcare administrators must ensure that the app meets specific criteria:


1.    Provides timely and immediate access to information, regardless of time or location.

2.    Efficiently performs multiple tasks without the need to switch between apps.

3.    Organizes information to deliver current, accurate, unbiased, relevant, and essential content during patient care moments.

4.    Enables healthcare providers to receive and review information as needed, in a manner that suits their workflow.

5.    Seamlessly integrates with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or EHR (Electronic Health Records).

6.    Enhances healthcare providers' productivity both in and out of the office.


By using mobile devices for data input and updating patient charts, healthcare providers can allocate more time to patient interactions and less time on computers. 


Secure Text Messaging

 Secure Text Messaging (STM) facilitates secure transmission of texts and picture messages among various mobile devices and workstations, in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Messages are encrypted to safeguard Patient Health Information (PHI).

Implementing an STM app enables healthcare teams to communicate with colleagues in real-time, expediting processes such as ordering tests, accessing lab results, and prescribing medications. This, in turn, allows healthcare providers to allocate more time to patient care. 


HipLink's Secure Text Messaging Platform

 HipLink offers a robust secure text messaging platform that operates in real-time on both Apple and Android devices. Users can send HIPAA-compliant encrypted text messages and attachments from desktop computers and mobile phones. HipLink Mobile delivers a highly reliable and secure text messaging system, even alerting users when they are not logged in. The sender can track the message's status, from pending to delivered, read, and responses, whether sent phone-to-phone or desktop-to-phone.


Stringent Security Measures

 HipLink employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure the highest level of message confidentiality, aligning with HIPAA compliance standards. An exceptional feature of HipLink is its "single session" handshake process, constantly changing the TLS encryption key for each communication session. This virtually makes cracking the encryption an insurmountable challenge, as the key regenerates with every communication.


Additional Features

 HipLink offers a range of standard and advanced features with the Secure Text Messaging app, including:


  • Message templates for quick composition
  • Status control to toggle between 'available' and 'not available'
  • Silencing or muting predefined alert settings
  • Location coordinate attachments
  • Execution of custom commands and templates
  • Execution of custom commands and templates
  • Draft messages, Favorites, and alert tone customization
  • Streamlined workflows for efficient task handling


By incorporating HipLink's mobile health technology into healthcare organizations, not only do they operate more effectively and efficiently, but patient satisfaction, engagement, and care also witness remarkable improvements. For more information on our mobile health technology, including HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging, visit HipLink or call 1-800-524-7503.  

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