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How to Maintain Uninterrupted Communication Amidst Cyber Attacks


How do you keep your communication flow during a cyber attack? The recent cyber attacks in hospitals are raising many questions about safety and security within many organizations.

The recent surge in cyber attacks targeting hospitals and other organizations has raised serious concerns about safety and security. According to CNN, the prevalence of ransomware is on the rise, with the FBI receiving 2,453 complaints about ransomware incidents in the past year alone, resulting in victims losing over $24 million dollars. Incident response teams are grappling with an alarming rate of 3-4 ransomware incidents per week, as reported by CSO Online. These incidents are not only more frequent but also more costly, often leaving organizations with no viable alternative but to consider paying the ransom.



Cybercriminals employ various tactics, including 'man in the middle' attacks, to infiltrate systems, lock them down, and demand ransoms for decryption keys. They typically demand payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (XBT) because of the inherent difficulty in tracing these transactions to real individuals. Many of these hackers operate from offshore locations, making the prospects of recovering funds or apprehending them nearly impossible.

At HipLink, we believe that the most effective approach to mitigating these threats is to minimize your organization's attack surface and implement a robust communication platform capable of managing and securing your communications end-to-end in the event of an attack. Our primary objective is to offer our customers a comprehensive solution for addressing these critical needs. Our business model has always prioritized the development of a resilient communication hub with multiple layers of redundancy, thereby reducing the risk of a single point of failure or compromise. We understand the importance of a holistic perspective, emphasizing dynamic implementation that seamlessly provides alternative communication routes through automated intelligence.

Many of HipLink's clients rely on both remote and on-premise servers that interface with our platform, serving as a backup communication mechanism should an emergency compromise any of their vital systems. HipLink's capacity to establish strategic communication pathways for both employees and infrastructure sets our systems apart, making them a preferred choice in some of the world's most advanced data centers.

Our adaptability across a wide range of industries places us in a unique position to meet diverse communication needs. This flexibility not only enhances daily workflow efficiency but can also safeguard critical data and, in many cases, even save lives.

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