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How Energy and Utility Companies Use HipLink


Energy and utility companies need mobile communications. These companies have several departments and need accurate communication between all of them. Most importantly, though, these companies deal with powerful resources. When it comes to oil, gas, and electricity, communication can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a critical emergency. That’s why HipLink provides the best, most accurate communication options for utility companies.

On-Duty Mobile Communications

Mobile communications technology should have plenty of flexibility. HipLink provides that flexibility on several levels. Utility companies often use HipLink because of its targeted employee

communication options. For example, you may only need to communicate with employees who are on-duty at the moment. In that case, HipLink’s software will allow you to filter and communicate with only those on duty or on call. 

Specific Permission Levels 

Sometimes, energy companies need to alert just a few specific people to a potential emergency. HipLink can help you make your communication as specific as you want it to be. With varying permission levels, you can send messages to the exact people who need to receive them. Furthermore, with HipLink’s escalation, you can be sure that your message will not be missed. 

Company-Wide Alerts

In the case of major emergencies, you may need to contact your entire company. HipLink allows you to do that, too. With HipLink, you can speed up your messages with pre-designed templates. This saves time, and allows for the communicator to add in all the vital information. Our web-based system always delivers the message where it needs to go, so you’ll never have to worry about downtime. You can even track your messages to make sure that they got where they needed to go, and whether or not the message was read by the receiver. 

IT Alerts

What about technology-related emergencies? HipLink can speed up your communication. Plenty of utility companies use HipLink for their IT mobile communications needs. When utility Tech Support teams need to schedule downtimes, communicate with one another, or alert the rest of the company about emergencies, HipLink provides the best choice for communicating those messages. 

Mobile Communications with HipLink

Looking for the best mobile communications options for your utility company? HipLink has you covered. Our easy-to-install system works on any operating system, and our user-friendly interface means that you’ll learn the ropes in no time. Ready to get started with HipLink? Contact us today. We’re here to answer your questions, provide your free HipLink demo, or help you download a trial. The HipLink team would love to hear from you.

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