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Unlocking the Power of BYOD and Mobile Applications: 5 Compelling Reasons


BYOD offers the potential to support fewer employee network devices while still enhancing productivity among employees and partners. A successful BYOD implementation leverages the organization's network and harnesses the full potential of consumer technology. When combined with cloud-based applications, the expansion of personal devices, and data center restructuring, BYOD and MAM present an opportunity for organizations to design the most effective network with mobility in mind. Properly managing BYOD and MAM is an essential component of any growth strategy. Organizations that implement formal programs and effective training can enjoy five significant benefits:

Enhanced Employee Productivity:



  • Employees are more at ease and productive when using their own mobile devices. Familiarity with the functions of their personal phones or tablets allows for quick and efficient access and utilization. BYOD also enables employees to stay connected during downtime, such as evenings, weekends, and commutes. In healthcare settings, physicians and staff can use Secure Text Messaging (STM) to share clinical information, streamline referrals, schedule appointments, and document patient care.

Reduced Overhead Costs:

  • BYOD eliminates the organization's responsibility to provide mobile devices to all employees. Utilizing STM ensures secure message encryption and compliance with security standards.

Improved Business Processes:

  • The evolution of mobile devices in recent years is undeniable. The combination of MAM and BYOD empowers organizations to create new business processes that streamline tasks and facilitate new functionalities for employees working away from their desks. With MAM in place, healthcare providers can use their mobile devices to document patient encounters, access schedules, view patient charts, and prescribe medications at any time and from anywhere.

Consistency Among Users:

  • The presence of personal multimedia devices on a corporate network can impact the quality of the user experience due to increased network capacity demands. Implementing a standardized BYOD policy can help IT managers understand the impact of BYOD and enhance infrastructure as needed to ensure a consistent user experience for all.


  • Mobile technology evolves rapidly, and organizations investing in top-of-the-line devices may find themselves struggling when these devices become outdated in just a few years. Employees tend to upgrade to the latest technologically advanced mobile devices consistently. By incorporating BYOD and MAM, organizations can leverage employees bringing their own devices to adapt to new technologies seamlessly.

In addition to these advantages, Mobile Application Management offers numerous benefits. Using HipLink for MAM, organizations experience faster deployment, shorter learning curves, and increased Return on Investment (ROI) for communication solutions.

The HipLink Mobile Application offers the following features:

  • Text Message App Overview
  • Designed for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Supports Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connections
  • HIPAA compliant encrypted text messages
  • CJIS compliant encrypted text messages
  • An alternative to SMS messaging
  • Includes desktop notifications via pop-up alerts
  • An audit trail to track delivery and read receipts

Furthermore, HipLink Mobile provides a suite of mobile application options that offer maximum flexibility and make optimal use of smartphones and tablets. With HipLink Mobile, users can access a priority view of important alerts, receive fully secure text messages, send secure messages, and perform remote actions.

HipLink's proprietary protocol operates over TCP live connections, ensuring that text messages are sent independently of cellular SMS. The applications provide advanced messaging features, such as encrypted text messages, the ability to override phone settings for emergency messages, and one-click responses. Combined with the secure and easily managed HipLink Platform, HipLink Mobile enhances communication throughout the organization, regardless of location.

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