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Case Study: Large Oklahoma Medical Center


A Medical Center, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a large 576-bed facility employing physicians and a medical staff of over 3000. Nearly 700 physicians and thousands of skilled medical professionals utilize the latest medical technology to fulfill the mission of providing medical excellence and compassionate care to patients in the many communities the Medical Center serves. From newborns to senior care, the Center offers a full range of services.
Previously, the Medical Center was using AT&T Message Flash as their internal paging system. The product had not kept pace with the current technology and was preventing the Center from utilizing the most efficient communication and integration methods available and more decisively, a lack of technical support from its vendor further emphasized the need to replace the existing notification system. Their trauma teams needed a centralized messaging system to page a variety of on-duty groups quickly and easily with comprehensive information.
The Center also required alternative hardware and software platforms, support for multiple carriers and any device, highly reliable and redundant carrier connection methods, and the capability for users to page groups of people by department with a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) for message sending and administration. Finally, the software solution required highly secure operation for HIPAA compliancy with the latest security, supported software, and continued maintenance as the industry evolved.
After carefully evaluating several competing solutions including Emergin, MetroCall, and NotePage, the Medical Center decided to implement the HipLink Desktop Messaging solution into their notification center. The intuitive and powerful web-based graphical user interface (GUI) and easy administration of HipLink ensured a smooth implementation and a short learning curve.
HipLink provides a centralized, seamless messaging system for the entire Center. The built-in Template feature allows all departments to create messages quickly. For example, the trauma team, using pre-defined parameters and dropdown menus automatically populates a complex message to all response members of a team. When the Trauma Center receives a call from the team in the ambulance, they receive and record critical information such as, number of patients, extent of injury, sex, age, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory condition, Glascow Coma Scale, estimated time of arrival at center, etc. This information is quickly populated, with minimal data entry using the HipLink Template feature. The message is then sent using HipLink’s Group feature to all of the relevant, on-call medical professionals to respond at the right time. No more phone trees or 911 numeric pages. Complete information is sent beforehand that enables the Trauma Center personnel to provide expeditious and effective care thus, increasing the patient’s chances of survival.
Carrier redundancy is an important feature that gives the Center automatic failover as well and support for any carrier worldwide on multiple protocols. Departments is another feature that distributes the administration and upkeep of the system by letting the hospital designate sub-administrators. Also, the modular design and scalability of HipLink provides further benefits to the Medical Center, allowing them to move from different platforms, devices, and carriers.
About 75% of the hospital uses HipLink. They feel that HipLink could be a factor in saving a person’s life. Seamlessly integrating with several in-house systems, HipLink equips the Center’s Trauma Teams with the centralized messaging system they need that allows them to stay connected anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Other departments are more productive and are able to react to the changing demands quickly. Technicians and therapists are easily redirected to more urgent needs while out in the facility. Off-duty personnel are able to be reached when needed and HipLink is an important factor in drills and disaster plans. The professionalism and attentiveness of the HipLink support and sales staff further emphasized the value of choosing HipLink as the system evolves and new functions are needed.


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