NetIQ AppManager


NetIQ AppManager - Wireless Emergency Alerts for Events

Wireless network event alerting for NetIQ AppManager


IQLink from HipLink seamlessly integrates with the NetIQ AppManager to alert users of network events. These events can then be accessed and managed directly within AppManager from a wireless device. Integration is automatic. IQLink ships with a “send-action” knowledge script and several pre-configured AppManager standard commands.

IQLink is an expert combination of HipLink’s wireless messaging features with NetIQ’s knowledge scripts. The solution enables AppManager to instantly communicate with any text or voice enabled wireless device, including cell phones, PDAs, one-way and two-way pagers. To the NetIQ user, IQLink is transparent and will appear as part of AppManager. It comes with a full suite of predefined commands ready to be used from wireless devices.

The two-way functionality of IQLink in conjunction with AppManager has been integrated in client applications that are available for a smartphone. The IQLink server is used as a wireless platform to connect these devices to AppManager and to display a menu with AppManager functions on the handheld. The user can pull down a list of events that can be filtered by status and corresponding Job ID in order to act on them.

“For customers looking for a wireless two-way extension for AppManager, IQLink is a great solution. IQLink notifies administrators of critical management events and allows them to initiate corrective actions within their networks anytime, anywhere providing increased availability and performance.”
Michael Fodor, Director of Product Management, NetIQ Corporation


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Key Features:

  • Target on-duty groups or broadcast to everyone
  • Require alert confirmation with automatic escalation
  • Review open jobs and events
  • Take action on events and close them within AppManager
  • Initiate a variety of network actions including reboot server, status jobs and events
  • Proactively query AppManager for new events
  • Add comments to events for additional information